Product Review: Ladelu Flower Child Eau de Parfum


In perfumes, I tend to lean towards more on the ones with fruity notes. However, this year, I promised myself to try the things that seem unconventional for me. So I’ve been trying to find the right daytime perfume that’s floral yet not smelling ancient–if you know what I mean. With this, I discovered Ladelu’s Flower Child.

Ladelu offers premium artisanal perfume. With Flower Child, you can enjoy a delicate floral scent mix of lilac, wisteria flowers, green tea flowers, peach flowers, peony and lemon leaves made mysterious with a sheer wash of angelic and clean white cedar, musk, and amber. It’s definitely an olfactory treat.

What I love about Ladelu scents is that they can really last the whole day–a far cry from most mass produced perfume brands which carries a more expensive price tag.

Ladelu is the brainchild of Ms. Laarni De Lusong. The brand is a Manila-based micro-perfumery business after the founder realized that there was no real perfume industry in the Philippines. Being stripped from layers of commercialism, they offer only the best quality in perfume.

Each scent is offered in below variety of versions:

50 ml Extrait de Parfum P500.00
50 ml Eau de Parfum P350.00
100 ml Eau Fraiche P220.00 (plastic spray bottle)
30 ml Eau de Parfum P300.00
10 ml Purse Spray P120.00 (contains EdP)
10 ml Naturals Roll-on P120.00 (EdP perfume oil)
1 ml vial P25.00   (Contains EdP good for 3-5 days use)

You can check out their scents here.

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