Product Review: Oster Fresh Sips Less Stress Cat Fountain

In relation to my last post, probably here’s a recent splurge that I made for my furbabies. Since Pepper is suffering from FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Track Disease), I thought of getting this  Oster Fresh Sips Less Stress Cat Fountain from Pet Warehouse.

As soon as Pet Warehouse started accepting pre-order for Oster Fresh Sips Cat Fountain, I immediately did my own research if  the product would help Pepper drink more water. After reading a couple pages of reviews from Amazon, and seeing that this brand of cat fountain has a higher rating over its competitors, I immediately hit the check out button on Pet Warehouse and got excited for it to finally arrive.

Last Monday, the package finally came (Yay!!). I was more than excited to finally have Pepper and the gang enjoy their new arte thing.

Basically, the box came with these:

Oster Fresh Sips Less Stress 100oz Cat Fountain 220-240v

  • No drip reservoir means refilling the tank is easier with no mess
  • Encourages your cat to drink more water
  • Continuous flow of water means continuous filtration
  • Holds up to 100 ounces of water
  • Made in the USA
  • Electric Waterer
  • BPA Free
  • Includes (1) charcoal filter that reduces impurities in the water, and (1) particle filter that helps capture hair, food, dirt and other debris.

Setting it up was such a breeze since I’ve already watched all the Youtube videos related to this product even before it arrived. You just have to fill the tank with water, attach it to the bowl and refill the tank with water before plugging the adaptor to the wall socket. This runs on 220v.

If you’re worried on the quality of water that your cat will be drinking, this Oster Fresh Sips Cat Fountain comes with 2 filters to get rid of particles and whatnot. You’d have to replace these filters every 1-2 months. Each filter set costs about Php500.00 or less. Don’t worry, you can get this from Pet Warehouse as well.

According to the reviews, people chose this brand over other cat fountain brands since Oster has the 50oz water reservoir, which makes all the difference since you won’t have to come back and refill the water too often. I’ve had my unit running since January 4 and, with 4 cats in the house, it has only emptied the reservoir as of the moment. Also, the unit runs very discreetly–no loud motor sound that can scare your furbabies.

Pepper, Yoona, Star, and Magnolia loves their new cat fountain. But among all of them, it’s Magnolia who enjoys it the most. She drinks from the bowl or sometimes even straight from the fountain. In other times, I see Yoona playing with the water from the sprout–so cute!

I’m happy that my kitties are definitely enjoying my Christmas gift for them. I got my Oster Fresh Sips Less Stress Cat Fountain for only Php1,850.00 as the pre-order rate (with regular price of Php2,200.00). I swear, it’s totally worth it! Your cats would be encouraged to drink more water and they’ll have lesser chance of suffering from urinary stones.

You can purchase it now from Pet Warehouse and still avail of this special sale rate. As soon as the first batch is sold out, each unit will be sold for Php2,200.00. 🙂


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    So cute naman! 🙂 Glad that the cats enjoyed it. 🙂

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