QPods Next Gen Affordable Wireless Ear Pods

Looking for an affordable alternative to Apple’s earpods or Samsung Galaxy buds? Check out this cute–and very girly–QPods.

This was sent to me last November to try but was only able to really use it recently when my Galaxy Buds went low batt in the middle of an online class.

Good thing I had back-up lying around and connecting QPods to my Samsung Galaxy Tablet was such a breeze. Just search for SIW-D501 from your device and pair them via Bluetooth. The QPods run on Bluetooth 5.0 so my connection went seamless and I was able to catch up quickly with the lecture that I was attending.

The only downside is that this was sent to me as the unit itself only–no box, no manual, no nothing. So I haven’t really figured out the charging time and the longevity of my QPods. But what I do notice is that it recharges via USB Type C really fast. You can see the battery level on your device–in my case, while connected on my tablet, I see that it was charged up to 70% when I used it. But I also noticed that the discharge was faster than compared to when I’m using my Samsung Galaxy Buds.

The QPods runs on Realtek 8763 Chipset, which is said to provide an enhanced bass performance and delivers one of the most accurate signal responses of any high-end earbuds on the market today.

Sound quality is okay. Actually, compared to my more expensive Samsung Buds, I can hardly tell the difference. But then again, my ears are not trained as an audiophile to detect all the little nuances of the trebles and the bass.

Another cool feature of this girly ear buds is that it’s IPX4 Water Resistant–meaning it’s protected from splashing water, no matter the direction, BUT IT’S NOT WATERPROOF. Yep, you can’t submerge these things into water. But with IPX4 protection, you can freely use it while jogging or running with no worries.

Connection is very stable. I have this habit of only using one bud/pod at a time as I’m afraid of being caught up with both buds running low on juice. I did notice that the QPods behaved the same as my Samsung Galaxy Buds–each bud can connect wirelessly independently, or even simultaneously. It connects automatically as soon as you place them inside your ears. Connection range for QPods is also impressive at 13m whereas most other affordable earbuds would stay at 10m range. This is useful if you’re like me who constantly multi-tasks even when I’m attending an online class.

Overall I’m very delighted with my QPods. The aesthetic is perfect–it’s cute and girly. Plus, you can easily slide it in your purse. This cutie is priced at USD29.00.


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