Recent ATM Cardholder fraud: WARNING TO ALL ATM USERS

I saw this post today on Facebook and I felt that it’s good to help spread the word. It’s payday today and I know a lot of you will line up at ATMs to withdraw your hard-earned money. Please be cautious and read on this article below:

WARNING TO ALL ATM USERS! – Updated as of March 15, 2013

by Trixie Luzuriaga Crame


Yesterday afternoon, March 12, 2013, I logged on to my HSBC online banking and discovered that my savings account was zeroed out. When I saw the 0.00 balance, I couldn’t believe it. I immediately looked at the transaction history. To my surprise, I discovered several consecutive ATM withdrawals of P20,000-25,000 each over a period of 2 days, until my funds were completely wiped out. I thought to myself, that’s impossible because I never made any withdrawals since I was going to use this to pay for my son’s tuition. And that’s weird because I have my ATM card with me, it has always been in my wallet and I NEVER LOST IT. I see it everyday whenever I open my wallet. That’s when I rushed to the phone and called the bank to inform them of what happened (thanks so much to my old friends back in HSBC Rockwell branch, where I used to work).

We looked through my transaction history and they asked me to identify the last withdrawal that I remember making. It was the withdrawal I made last Feb 23, 2013, done in a BPI terminal in the Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill. The subsequent withdrawals after that were ALL fraudulent. They were all done just a few seconds apart, over a period of 2 days (from March 2 at past 9pm and March 3 at past 5pm). I have reported this to HSBC, and to BPI so that they can check on this particular terminal. I assumed this was where my card was compromised, but I WAS WRONG. Thanks to the very quick response of HSBC. Though they are not able to confirm exactly when and where my card was compromised, they have confirmed it was not in this BPI machine. To BPI — I sincerely apologize for the quick assumption. I assumed my card was compromised in the last machine I used.

Per HSBC, it could have been done a long time ago. The fraudster made withdrawals in an ATM in Market Market and at a bank in Bel Air, which I will no longer mention. But what I can say is, I’ve never been to those machines EVER. Moral of the story is — never ever use an ATM machine that is not inside bank premises!!!! I’ve been a banker for the past 7 years of my life and have always been careful with the ATM machines that I use. I always check the machine before using it, to see if there’s any suspicious looking device attached to it. In this case, the terminal looked absolutely normal. I usually only withdraw inside the bank where I work, but for this one instance I had to withdraw in a stand-alone machine inside a mall, and look what happened. All my money for my son’s tuition wiped out in a snap.

I’m still in shock, and still find it so ironic that it happened to me, when I’m the one who always cautions my family as to what ATM machine to use. I used to just see this on tv, but never thought it could ever happen to me.

Please be vigilant, and please listen to my advice if you don’t want your hard earned money and life savings wiped out in a snap. NEVER USE ATM MACHINES OUTSIDE BANK PREMISES. Don’t be fooled by malls saying they have top security. This is Venice Piazza for pete’s sake! A high end mall! And this has been happening right under their nose! I can honestly tell you, after this, I AM NEVER USING AN ATM MACHINE OUTSIDE THE BANK EVER AGAIN. I may even just go back to the old-fashioned way of transacting through the teller. Please share to your family, friends and loved ones.

Stay smart and safe every one.

xo, Couchwasabi


  1. we’re already careful but this still happened.I only lost P200 and told my employer not to deposit my salary there anymore.I’m planning to close it and open another account on a different, more reliable bank.

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