SkinWhite Spreads The #BetterMe Campaign

“New year, new you,” that’s what we all say–to which I agree is true. It’s never too late to change something for the better, especially as we have just crossed a new year when most are motivated to become a better version of themselves.

SkinWhite challenges everyone through their #BetterMe campaign–to give young Filipinas the tools they need to improve who they are—both inside and out.

Here’s what my #BetterMe package looked like:

This cute pink metallic tote arrived during the holidays filled with SkinWhite goo dies to empower me with Insta-White skin and personalized chocolates to give as a random act of kindness.

I decided to wait for New Year and shared the chocolates for my favorite people at work (Hi, guys!). 🙂

Through the #BetterMe campaign, SkinWhite reminds everyone of what really matters and allow us to develop our inner confidence. Follow SkinWhite on Social Media for exclusive updates through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Or check out their website at

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3 responses to “SkinWhite Spreads The #BetterMe Campaign”

  1. doseofrain Avatar

    so generous of them ms jirbie! i saw three bars of chocolate and a monopod! im curious with SkinWhite PowerWhitening 3-in-1 Face Cream Powder! hope they sell them in sachets too

  2. marianaprils Avatar

    #BetterMe advocacy is definitely a good idea, to influence women to improve beautifully inside and out. Filipino made ba ito? A little cheaper kasi siya sa other lotion brands. I enjoy using the smaller one for travelling 🙂

  3. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    So nice of you to give them chocolates! Such a sweet person. I love SkinWhite’s campaign, somewhat similar to Physiogel’s campaign last year. Hope everyone, not only girls, embrace this kind of belief. 🙂

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