Spend vs Save: DIY Nasal Hygiene Spray

Do you suffer from allergic rhinitis? Seasonal sniffles? Well, if you do, for sure you’re very well familiar with these nasal sprays. So in today’s post, let me show you how I make my own nasal saline spray and save $$$ along the way.

I started using these nasal sprays about 5 years ago, when my rescued cats reached more than 20 and my lungs were in constant protest. I would have days having runny nose as bad as having waterfalls built in my nostrils. It was bad. So bad that my nostrils would get lesions and sores, perhaps due to the non-stop nasal discharge and the incessant need to blow my nose.

With this, I was advised by the doctor to have Sterimar Nasal Hygiene Mist. And boy, that was expensive (about Php800+, if I remember correctly). ? So when I saw the Arm and Hammer brand in Landers/S&R (and it was only Php500+ per bottle) I became a loyalist as it was more affordable that my initial brand.

I go through these like candy… and, obviously, the cost adds up. So I was thinking on how to save money as I can’t seem to do away with these. I tried making my DIY nasal spray–you know, like real rock salts melted in water and tried to use that… PLEASE DON’T. It wasn’t fun. It was rather painful! ?

There came a time when I can’t even find the Arm and Hammer brand from stores anymore and, of course, the lockdown happened so I had to think of ways to be resourceful. Ergo here’s my discovery:

So I got this sterilized bag of saline solution from any drugstore. This would cost you about Php100.00–more or less–for 1L bag. Then I got these empty 70ml fine mist nasal spraying bottles from Shopee for only Php169 for 4 bottles. Do the math and you’ll realize the savings I get in doing this. ?

I’ve been using this home-made version for a few months now and, believe me, it works just the same. Now I don’t have to worry about running out of nasal salt sprays as I have four of them prepared and scattered all over my room.

Let me know what you think if you get a chance to make yours by leaving a comment below.

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