Styling Barbie

This is a product of boredom.

Boredom that is caused by my personal choice of house arrest for crashing my car the other day in a parking lot–which, by the way, is the most stupid thing I have ever done right before the year ends.

I haven’t been getting much sleep at night because of this. I can’t get it off of my head–all the financial implications..ugh!

Getting the car fixed would mean that my budget for my March HK trip would be affected! *Frustration!!!*

To temporarily get my head off of the car, I decided to dress my only unbroken Barbie doll and take pictures of it. I was planning for a really nice “photo shoot…” but after two dress ups, I got tired and only came up with Party Girl Barbie and Beach Barbie. Lame, I know.

Oh well… the only thing I am looking forward right now is my out of town trip with my friends this new year.

Ugh. I hate myself.

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