The Hills: Doug the douche

What a jerk! I just finished watching this week’s episode of The Hills Season 4 and I’ve just witnessed what a two-faced loser Doug is! I mean, for messing up LC and Stephanie…

I used to think that Douche Doug was such a great guy! Like, in the earlier episodes, he’s this really cool, fun-loving guy that really really likes LC. But I guess he took the rejection way bad. What a bitter moron–esp. for calling LC ‘my ex-fling’!

He digs himself in the loserville when he tried to convince Steph that everything will be fine and yet he sells her out with Brody by showing the sms messages in this phone. Whether or not the text messages are real,ย for me, that is just so inapproproate. So un-gentlemanly.

It’s kind of sad for Stephanie to be constantly put in such a bad and humiliating situation… and I seriously feel bad everytime Brody would yell at her in public. (Brody can be such an ass…) But I think she really has something to do with it though. I mean, half of the time, things could’ve been avoided if she weren’t that stupid.

Here’s the thing: It’s obvious that Stephanie likes Doug.. and she went out with him because she really likes him but she’s scared of what LC will think… So, quoting from my-fave-movie-of-all-time, Mean Girls, ‘That’s just, like, the Rules of Feminism!’ COZ YOU SHOULD NEVER GO OUT WITH YOUR FRIEND’S EX! NO MATTER WHAT! I mean, friend’s ex-es is just totally off limits.

There, that’s my two-cents worth for today.

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