The quest for a hotel smelling room

I have always loved aromatherapy. When I first had my oil burner in college, I was sooo into it that I bought a big pack of tea light candles and 3-4 scented oils to burn. I used to pick fruity scents like plums and even bubblegum scent.

As I grew older, I started to lean towards liking lavender/spa-ish scents. I super love it whenever I pass by Lush and I devour in their scented soaps.

Anyway, I was just so delighted that I was finally able to buy Zen Zest’s calming linen spray. I have been so curious with the product for so long and now it’s right in my bedroom. Ha!

As soon as I got home, I sprayed Zen Zest’s linen spray on my beddings, pillows, and them some more! After taking a shower, I sprayed a little more on my pillows and a little on the carpet. I super love the smell. It’s like bringing the spa in my room! Parang I was soooo tempted to call in a home-service masseuse.

Another amazing product that I was able to buy earlier was my first pair of Alice Blue candles. I have read so much about these locally made candles and was delighted to find out that they are on Buy 1 Take 1 sale at Php 129.00 only–what a steal! ๐Ÿ™‚

The candles do not include the holder. I took time to go to Landmark Department Store and found these Php7.75 shot glasses that worked well as candle holders–et voila!

So, as I am writing this post, the scent of lavender is swirling all over my room and I love it!! I’m not sure, though, if it’s because of the linen spray or the scented candles. Either way, I really love sleeping into this smell every day! It’s even perfect when you are doing yoga. It’s super relaxing and all that.

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