The White Hat Frozen Yogurt


Finally! I get to taste the last FroYo store on my list!

After indulging myself weekly with lots and lots of FroYos in the past two months, I have finally finished my taste-testing in all of the existing FroYo stores in the Metro.

The White Hat offers an equally fabulously tasting frozen yogurt as Yohgurt Froz. Regular cup is for Php 85 while the large cup (shown on the pic above) is at Php 115.

They have a wide selection of fruit, cereal and candy toppings–some of which you can not find in Yohgurt Froz–priced at Php 20 per topping. So price-wise, I’d rather settle for Yohgurt Froz where you can get the same cup size with 3 toppings at (Php 80 + Php 10 per topping) Php 110 or Californiaberry‘s at Php 115.

The White Hat is only available at The Mall of Asia. So as far as accessibility is concerned, I’d definitely settle for those in Oritgas/QC area.

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