‘Tis the season to be hair-free (that’s pain-free)!

I always look forward to my visits at Strip. This time I’m back to try Strip ICE, their latest laser hair removal treatment, which is only available at their branch in Mega Fashion Hall.

Strip Ice is absolutely pain-free and cuts down the procedure time so it takes hair removal to a whole new level. What sets Strip ICE apart is that this machine is designed especially for those with dark and tanned skin; very sensitive skin and light or very fine hair.

I had my nether region zapped gone in just 40-45 minutes, so that’s half the time versus Strip’s IPL ACE. What’s more amazing is that there’s NO PAIN AT ALL. It was the most comfortable time spent beautifying my hoo-ha.

After the treatment, my Striperella applied Ice Cream as post-care treatment and gave me a list of do’s & don’t’s. Ideally you would have to have 6-8 sessions to achieve 90% hair reduction.

Here’s the complete price list:

Underarm 20,000 / 6 SESSIONS 7,500 / SINGLE SESSION 1ST TIME 50% OFF 3,500
FULL FACE 40,000 / 6 SESSIONS 22,500 / SINGLE SESSION 1ST TIME 50% OFF 11,250
½ LEG Bottom 40,000 / 6 SESSIONS 18,750 / SINGLE SESSION 1ST TIME 50% OFF 9,375

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  1. Abegaill Villacruz Avatar

    Looks good but the price, oh my. Haha. Quite expensive. But if you’ll really want a painless treatment, this is a good place to go. 🙂 I haven’t tried Strip though.

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