Welcome, Tutti <3

Hello, hello!

I’m sorry for being AWOL as I have been preoccupied with Tutti, our newly adopted Persian Siamese cat. It’s my first time to take in an older cat so I was busy reading on rehoming articles online and making sure I can let Tutti join the clowder as comfortably as possible.


I have been excited since Cherry (Tootie aka Tutti’s first mom) confirmed that she chose me to adopt her baby. Cherry’s moving to a condo that doesn’t allow pets. It must have been a hard decision to give up Tootie ๐Ÿ™ I promised Cherry I will make Tootie’s rehoming as comfortable as possible.

I have been waking up extra early since last week for being excited to bring Tutti to our home. Yesterday, Cherry and I finally met and I was just relieved that Tutti likes me (or at least, he doesn’t hate me!). =^,^=

This is Tutti on our way to our house. I’m happy that’s he’s comfortable being on a moving vehicle.

Tutti is so beautiful and he’s soooo huge! He’s 16lbs–according to Cherry–and he’s so much bigger than my biggest cat Star.

Currently, Tutti is still adjusting to his new environment. I downloaded fish videos since Cherry told me he likes those. He also has his own iPad to watch it with.

To be honest he hasn’t eaten a full meal so I’m still researching on how to make his first days in our house better for him. I’ve also skipped some blogger events so I can be with Tutti–my babies will always come first before blogger duties!

Do you have any experience in rehoming 1 year old cats? Please share tips by commenting below.

Love you all! <3

PS, ‘Tootie’ was Tutti’s real name but I decided to give him a new name Tutti upon adoption. Arte lang.

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7 responses to “Welcome, Tutti <3”

  1. Pat Avatar

    Gorgeous cat! Looks like he’s settling in just fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. lipsticksandbottles Avatar

    we had new siamese too (actually medyo malaki na din ms jirbie) and my daughter named him Elmo, we had siamese at home (kimi) medyo magkaiba sila ugali, si kimi kasi medyo kakaiba.. sa lahat ng naalagaan namin na pusa.. sya yung nerbyosa.. madaling magulat.. ska mailap sya sa ibang tao kaya nung dumating si elmo (mas matanda si kimi ng ilang buwan.. i think kimi will turn two this march/may) pero muka pa ring malaki si tutti, siguro dahil lalaking siamese.. our first siamese bon kamuka ni tutti yun nga lang mas darker yung kulay nya, while Elmo is lighter. Una ginawa namin pinagtabi muna namin yung cages nila para makita nila na meron pang ibang pusa dun (hehe) si kimi unease saka parang stress.. si Elmo naman wala lang.. basta parang lagi nga aawayin ni kimi si elmo, ginawa namin pareho namin after a week pinakawalan namin sila pareho sa loob ng bahay (we never let kimi outside kasi baka mawala, si elmo naman kasi sanay lumabas ng bahay) ayun naglalaro na sila si kimi pa ngayon ang makulit na nakikipaglaro kay elmo.

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Please send me an instagram photo! Tag @jleanne85 I’d love to see your furbabies ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. lipsticksandbottles Avatar

        yay! will do.. mahirap sila picturan magkasama pero nakapag pic ako kagabi blurred lang po hehe

  3. princessoftherain Avatar

    I prefer Tutti than Tootie, Tutti like Tutti Frutti, which is a mixture of fruits typical of an ice cream in Italy. I love the name! and the cat is sweet. I have two and I adore them, but they adore me too :)!

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Yes!!! That’s what I thought, too! Mas cute yung Tutti kase Tutti Frutti!!

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