What’s your most prized collection?

When I was in my early twenties, I would normally spend my money in the latest gadget. Now that I’m older (and definitely wiser!), I plan to buy pieces of jewelry that I can pass onto my future children as heirloom.

So I recently purchased this cut Hello Kitty necklace as an investment. This one’s from a famous .999 fine gold store in Hong Kong that I purchased online.  I figured, I’m a grown up now so I need to invest in more “serious things.”

Here are some of my favorite pieces–with each having their own story and history. Some of these are gifts from relatives and some are passed onto me by my mom as an heirloom. One of my favorites would be the cute bear pendant that was given to me by my grandma as my middle school graduation gift.

This year, I plan invest more in jewelries and grow my collection. Jewelry is timeless and unique to every individual. A woman’s jewelry box is precious and is something that should be celebrated.

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3 responses to “What’s your most prized collection?”

  1. doseofrain Avatar

    i would definitely agree on that ms jirbie.. sabi rin ng kaibigan ko mas okay ma-addict sa jewelries kesa gadgets kasi ang jewelries tumataas ang presyo pagdating ng araw.. kabaligtaran ng gadgets bumababa ang value pag tumatagal..

    you wouldnt believe im using a plain smartphone.. i dont have hightech gadgets im pretty happy with my phone.. simple yet durable

    i dont have prized collection ms jirbie.. yung mother ko stamps =) kasi nung araw na hindi pa uso yung cellphone snail mail ang communication nila ng father ko =)

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      I used to collect stamps too! Continue your mom’s collection may value din yun 🙂

      1. doseofrain Avatar

        im creating a scrapbook for my mother’s stamp collection im planning to give it as gift for their wedding anniversary this year =)

        i will sort all of the stamps kasi madaming klase sya talaga at nakakatuwa rin

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