Yoona 2nd Week Update

It’s Yoona’s 2nd week with us, yay! She’s very very different from Pepper. Yoona is more aggressive and wild than Pepper. It’s hard to put her in one place without seeing her run off in a second. That’s why I had to put little bells on her neck so I’d know where she is whenever she likes to play hide and seek.

Her eyes are well now, thanks to the doctors at MACE. She had her second deworming shot last Friday and the doctor said she’s healthy. She weighs 500g now.

I’m happy that Yoona is getting along with Pepper really well. They sleep beside each other and play together. Sometimes you can see them run around the house and chase each other like crazy!

Yoona doesn’t have much funny sleeping positions like Pepper. She likes sleeping on her bed (actually, Pepper’s bed) as compared to Pepper who liked sleeping on my bed when he was young.

But one thing’s for sure, Yoona is a little more malambing than Pepper. She likes rubbing her head to me and fits herself into small spaces beside me when she wants to sleep.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. rhania (@rhaindropz) Avatar

    ang cute =) namiss ko tuloy si bonbon =( our siamese cat died last month.. he’ll turn three sana this july =(

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