Yoona’s Meow-deling Go-See + first TV Exposure

Like all mums proud of their kids, I am very proud of my babies who were featured two nights ago on national TV.

My cats, being on TV, was such an unexpected thing. We were supposed to be at Vista Mall Shaw just for Yoona’s Meow-deling Go-See for a cat fashion show this September.

In the Philippines, cat events are rare since we are such a dog-loving country. Whenever I attend pet events, people carrying their feline friends are a minority.

So as soon as I learned about this cat fashion show, I knew that my babies had to be part of it.

Yoona is normally such an #alta but she was feeling sociable to everyone that day. She even let Ms. Yasmin, one of the organizers for the cat event, hold her and carry her.

Since we got to the venue first, we got the first dibs on the cat dresses, courtesy of Doodles Paw Couture, that Yoona was supposed to try out for the fashion show.

The go-see was sponsored by Purina so Yoona gets to go home with a back of goodies from Fancy Feast.

Yoona, my little diva, was so game to pose for the camera. Like the little princess that she is, she decided to have her first photo shoot at the most comfortable part of the showroom–the bedroom.

She decided to change her costume–in true human fashion–and went straight to the bathroom.

We always thought purple is Yoona’s color, so for her second outfit, we picked a nice purple dress.

While Yoona was having her photo shoot, folks from GMA’s State Of The Nation came in to cover the event. My little princess behaved like a star and let the cameramen took photos and videos of her, in between costume change, as she sits comfortably inside the sink. <3

Here’s the video that was aired last Sept 23, 2014 on GMA.


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  1. Pau Ramona Avatar

    Yoona is such a beautiful and behaved cat! Nice event! 🙂

  2. Pat Avatar

    Nice, congrats! I just rescued a kitty myself and I’m hoping she will be sociable enough to attend cat events when she grows a little older. 😀

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