A Beautiful and Bright 2015 with Etude House!

Start the year right and welcome a bright and beautiful 2015 and glowing skin with Etude House’s champion line of skin care products this January: the Age Defense Line, Bio Jelly Coconut Gel Mask, and Sparkling Toc’s Line.


Another year has arrived but it doesn’t mean time should take a toll on your skin. Welcome Etude House’s Age Defense Line into the spotlight. This is Etude House’s recommended first line of defense against aging for 25-year-olds and above.

✦ Age Defense Essential Emusion 130ml (Php 1,348.00)
✦ Age Defense Essential Softener 130ml (Php 1,348.00)
✦ Age Defense Wrinkle Eye Cream Set (Php 1,448.00)
✦ Age Defense Lifting Essence Set (Php 1,598.00)
✦ Age Defense Firming Cream 50ml (Php 1,578.00)


The Bio Jelly Coconut Gel Mask is a premium mask made from real coconut extracts. It’s smooth jelly-like texture gently snuggles the face and promotes 10 times higher absorption versus regular pul sheets. Here are the types of Bio Jelly Coconut Gel Masks available:

Moisture. Contains hyaluronic acid that results to a moist and radiant face after use.
Brightening. Infused with Rosehip Flower ingredient that brightens and refreshes dull skin.
Trouble Care. Its tea tree ingredient provides a soothing solution to acne-prone and troubled skin, minus the irritation.
Firming. The Elderflower ingredient infused in this variant of Bio Jelly Coconut Gel Mask promises a smooth and firm complexion, ideal for wrinkle concerns.
Nourishing. This variant provides extra nourishment for dry and damaged skin with avocado as it’s primary ingredient.


Start your year right with a better skin care regimen. In just seven days, make your skin clear and more radiant with Etude House’s Sparkling Toc’s Series. Infused with sparkling water and lemon extract. This series includes the Allinone Gel, Bubble Pack, and Scrub Foam.

Sparkling Toc’s All-in-One Gel (Php 848.00)

The Allinone Gel is a 7-days skin clarifying gel in one bottle. Used as a sleeping pack after cleansing and using toner, it enhances the skin’s natural transparent glow with the ingredients of sparkling water and lemon extract.

Sparkling Toc’s Bubble Pack (Php 278.00)

A skin clarifying pack that can be used after your favorite facial foam. It contains   sparkling gel and moisturizing gel that clears the skin of its impurities without stripping off the skin’s moisture. Mix the contents of the pouch with the contents of the tray. Once bubbles have formed, apply gently on the face. Wash with water after 5 minutes.

Sparkling Toc’s Scrub Foam (Php 428.00)

The first step in achieving clear, squeaky clean skin. This cleansing foam contains sparkling water and micro scrub that gently removes dirt and dead skin cells, makes        glowing and radiant complexion.

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  1. Abegaill Villacruz Avatar
    Abegaill Villacruz

    New products to try! Will get them later during their sale! Tamang tama. 🙂 I’m buying the sparkling toc’s series.

  2. doseofrain Avatar

    iam eyeing on their anti-aging series =)

  3. Matromao Avatar

    I so want to try Sparkling Toc’s All-in-One Gel, if only for the fact that it reminds me of Sprite/7Up. Haha. Appearance and scent! :p

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