Beginner’s Pack for a Day Hike

I have been daydreaming of experiencing real forest bathing for the past 2 years as I’ve never been to a forest to do this. The Japanese practice of forest bathing or shinrin-yoku means bathing in the forest atmosphere, or taking in the forest through our senses, where you spend about 30minutes in the lush green environment to immerse your senses in the goodness of being in nature.

Two of my friends and I planned a simple waterfall hike last week and found ourselves in Rizal (as it is the nearest in Metro Manila). Here’s my beginner hiker’s tip to pack in your day bag:

  • A 10L bag is enough for a half-day hike
  • SUNBLOCK with at least SPF 50++ (I actually brought 3 bottles of SPF)
  • Anti-bug lotion
  • Camping mat
  • SOS kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • Waterproof Match (for emergency)
  • Hand torch or headlamp
  • Alcohol spray
  • Powerbank
  • IDs and pen (for when you need to register in a Brgy)
  • Vaccination card
  • Extra shirt
  • Ecobag
  • 500ml water
  • Tissue/Handtowel

Things that are ‘good to have’

  • Your action cam
  • Waterproof casing
  • Extra batteries and tripod
  • Large towel
  • Extra set of clothes (if you plan to take a dip in the lake or falls)
  • Water shoes
  • More water (esp. if you’re going for a longer hike)

We ended up going to Brgy. Cuyambay in Tanay, Rizal to check out Tungtong Falls. It was a 25-40minute trek from jump off point. I’d say it’s a level 4 out of 9 as it’s not for the faint of heart. If you don’t have any medical condition and is up for the challenge, I’m sure you’ll find this delightful.

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