Burger King Launches Four Cheese Whopper

Last April 25, Burger King treated us a beefy and cheesy afternoon filled with delicious flame-grilled whoppers, fun games, and a special performance and interview with the newest member of the Burger King Squad.

The launch was hosted by Sam YG and Burger King Greenhills was transformed into an afternoon backyard cheesy party, with seats adorably set with cheesy lines from romantic comedies, chick flicks, and classic cheesy expressions.

A crowd favorite activity was The Cheesy Speech, in which four members of the audience did a face-off to try to think quickly and deliver as many cheesy pick-up lines as possible.

Burger King is proud to welcome the newest member of their squad, King Billy Crawford. Just like their 4 Cheese Whopper, and favorite made of the best ingredients–flame-grilled burgers that taste just like if you had made them in your own backyard plus four kinds of gooey delicious cheesy goodness atop the perfect patty, Billy is truly worthy of the title of king.

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