CW Beauty Talk: Can Pets Cause Skin Allergies?

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Hi CouchWasabi,

I am planning to get a pet soon. I was wondering if it is safe to have them sleep on the bed. My mom tells me not to have them in the room since they might cause skin disease.


Hello Lex!

First off, congratulations in deciding to get yourself a furbaby! πŸ™‚ I swear it’s one of the most rewarding feeling ever. Secondly, please adopt and don’t buy. The feeling is two times more rewarding to see your adopted pet grow healthy and happy knowing you took care of it from day one.

Having that aside, I think there is absolutely nothing wrong in letting your pets sleep on your bed–provided that you make sure they bathe regularly. And by regularly, I mean 2-3x a week. That’s how I do it with Pepper. I used to be more OC before that every time he pees or poops, I would wipe his bum with wet ones and put on some natural anti-bacterial spray. You can also make your furbabies wear clothes to keep their fur from getting all over the place.

While it may be true that pets can cause allergies (not only skin problems), people react differently to pets. I was never allowed to have my pets inside the house when I was still living with my parents since my mom (and some of my siblings) is asthmatic and is allergic to them. It is a fact that pets have allergens called dander (dead skin that is shed), which may cause reactions to sensitive people.

If you have family members who are allergic to pets and are living in the same house, I suggest for you to get a BlueAir unit–or any air filter system with HEPA filter technology. BlueAir systems significantly improve the indoor air quality in your home by virtually eliminating dust, pollen, mold, smoke and other airborne pollutants–including dander.

I hope these tips will keep your mom feeling okay with pets. I’m really happy to hear about my readers sharing the same love for animals. If there’s anything else, do email me at couchwasabi[at]ovi[dot]com.

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4 responses to “CW Beauty Talk: Can Pets Cause Skin Allergies?”

  1. Aegeane Colmenar Brioso Avatar

    grabe ang galing niyo po magbigay ng advice! πŸ™‚ tama po na rewarding talaga yung feeling kapag nag aadpopt πŸ™‚ pwede din po ba ako magtanong about sa beauty tips niyo naman po and your journey about your blogging expi? πŸ™‚

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Hello Aegeane! Sure, send in your questions on my email so I can feature it on my Beauty Talk post every month.

  2. kim Avatar

    I guess sometimes a person can be immune with the animal din, like for me Im really allergic to cats because I am asthmatic, but when we had this certain cat (although he doesn’t take a bath) never ako hinika sa kanya (though there are some skin irritations maybe because he doesn’t take a bath) ,while sa iba it’s automatic that I’ll have an asthma attack within the day when I’d cuddle with them. same to dogs ,I guess I’m weird ?

  3. Pat Avatar

    I second that suggestion of adopting as opposed to buying. There are so many loving pets that need their forever home!

    That aside, I find it quite interesting because my mom also had the same concern about having pets. She claims that it is what’s causing my sensitive skin to flare up, never mind that my skin had already been flaring up even prior to acquiring my current furbaby. I wonder if it’s just coincidence, or could it possibly a generational thing?

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