CW March Reader of the Month + Winner for previous month

March is when we welcome summer. Have you planned your beach trips already? 🙂 Here’s an all-natural body shower from Messy Bessy as part of this month’s loot!  Join this month’s ROTM by commenting on any of my blog posts this March and get a chance to win!

  1. The reader of the month (ROTM) qualification will start on the first day of every month until the last day of the month.
    • You can comment on my previous month’s posts and still qualify for the current ROTM contest.
  2. The ROTM must be following my Twitter account @couchwasabi (Who doesn’t have Twitter, anyway?)
  3. The ROTM will be picked and announced via a blog entry in the following month (may be posted anytime during the first week of the month). So make sure to check my blog for the announcement.
  4. If the prize hasn’t been claimed within 5 days, another commenter will be chosen.
  5. All bloggers are welcome to join. If you are not a blogger but would still like to comment on my posts, you’re still a qualified candidate.
  6. Shipping is FREE for Philippine residents. Yay!

As for last month’s winner, it’s Iris of! Please email your name, address, and mobile number for me to ship out your prize!

Thank you for joining and invite your friends to download my app via Apple App Store!

xx, Couchwasabi

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5 responses to “CW March Reader of the Month + Winner for previous month”

  1. lipsticksandbottles Avatar

    hi ms jirbie!!!

    march is the busiest month for the family because it is the birth month of my younger sibs, my aunt and uncle, my mother, my grandma and grandpa and my cousin too!

    congrats ms iris! i just saw your blog today!

  2. Faith Yadao Avatar

    yay! just discovered your blog and I really enjoyed reading your entries Ms. Jirbie. 🙂 More power!

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar
  3. Iris Avatar

    Thank you very much, Miss Jirbie! It’s my first time to win and I’m so psyched. By the way, I already emailed you my details. I wonder if you have already received it. Thanks again and God bless.

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Yup will send it out next week

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