G-Paws GPS Data Recorder

This might be one of the best Christmas presents I have received for Pepper–a snazzy GPS device for pets, G-Paws.

The G-PAWS unit uses a high-sensitivity multi-channel GPS receiver that detects and records its position every five seconds. The receiver is accurate to a couple of metres and will continue to work even when positioned under the pet’s neck. The ‘tracklog’ of where the pet has traveled is stored on the unit with the capacity to store hundreds of journeys. Journeys are downloaded and saved as a GPX file onto g-paws.com. When the memory is full, new journeys automatically ‘over-write’ the oldest journeys.

G-PAWS is powered by an internal Lithium-Polymer battery, giving it eight hours continual use. The GPS chip also has a motion-detector that ‘powers-down’ the unit when not in motion for more than five minutes so when at rest the unit will not drain power. Ideal for lazy cats and dozing dogs.

Your pet’s adventures are transferred to any PC or laptop via the supplied USB cable, which also charges the unit (four hours from flat to full)

What I love about it is that it’s lightweight–only around 12grams. Pepper is very sensitive with the things you put on his neck. I think this is common in most pets since their senses are more heightened. But with G-Paws, you can put this on your pet and they will hardly notice it. It attaches easily to any sized collar using the velcro straps and the soft silicone-rubber case that the unit can be popped in and out of.

After charging the device for 4 hours, we were not able to set it up until the next day. Apparently, you can not set it up inside your house. It has to be in an open space. So we were not able to make it work until we were out on the way to Megamall for Pepper’s new tag (because he has two collars now, right?).

Anyway, as soon as the blue LED lit on, G-Paws started recording our location, which we will be able to download through any PC and upload to his G-Paws account.

The g-paws.com website has been developed on a ‘social-network’ platform. It allows you to create a profile for your pet and upload all their adventures. You can keep your profile private or choose to make friends and share your pet’s adventures.

I really think this is one of the fanciest device ever invented for pets and I’m just to happy Pepper is being able to enjoy one. This comes in very handy if your cat is like Pepper, who wanders off alone from time to time.

Sadly, it’s not available in the Philippines. You can get hold of one by ordering through Amazon.co.uk for about £49.91.

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  1. Sheryl Legaspi Latag Avatar
    Sheryl Legaspi Latag

    nice kitty, a friend of mind would surely want this for her pet, alas, i wonder when will it be available in our country!

  2. fati recede ☀ (@_itsmefati) Avatar

    youre such a lucky pet, Pepper! How I wish I also have one for my Pepper & Beemo. They like to run & run & run on public places and sometimes, Im having a hard time finding them. 🙁

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