Hinoki Lab Japan is now in the Philippines

Two weeks ago, Hinoki Lab PH got in touch with me to try out their oils. I got so excited because I loooove conifers…. and it’s my first time to try out a Japanese essential oil brand.

Just a little bit of a background, Hinoki Lab is a Japanese company that focuses their research efforts on the Hinoki tree, a cypress tree native to central Japan that is used in onsens, or hot springs, throughout Japan. Hinoki Lab started in 1985 and boasts a 14 year-experience in the field of Hinoki essential oil production right at their distillation facility in the heart of Shinjo Village. The company is dedicated and specialized in extracting Hinoki essential oils while fostering sustainable development in Shinjuku Village.

I told them I was keen on trying their essential oils so they sent me two of their Hinoki variants–Hinoki Wood and Hinoki Branch & Leaf. These are steam distilled pure essential oils from Chamaecyparis obtusa. I personally prefer the Branch and Leaf variant more sa it possesses a more forest-y smell over the one distilled from its woods. However, do note that the wood variant is the more commonly used oil for Japanese Onsen spas.

Another thing to note is that when you diffuse Hinoki essential oils, it can serve as your indoor version of forest bathing or the Japanese culture of shinrin-yoku. This formal practice is very much known in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, wherein people would take long walks in the woods to enjoy the fresh scent of the trees as they recharge themselves. By immersing yourself in phytoncidesโ€”the scents that trees give offโ€”it helps reduce blood pressure and heart rate, increases immunity, prevents depression, improves sleep quality and memory, and decreases levels of anxiety and stress.

According to a study published by PubMed, sixteen healthy adults received Hinoki by inhalation for 5 min, and the physiological and psychological effects were examined. Results show that after inhaling Hinoki essential oil, systolic blood pressure, heart rate and parasympathetic activity (PSNS) were decreased, whereas sympathetic nervous activity (SNA) was increased.

With all these benefits of enjoying my conifers, it’s no wonder why it’s one of my favorites. If you haven’t had a chance to try Hinoki essential oil, go check out Hinoki Lab. They have other products like aromatic mists, potpourri, bath salts, shoe refresher packets, and etc.

Hinoki Lab PH is also available on Lazada.


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