How long does a normal iPhone 5s last?

Last November 15, local Philippine mobile phone carriers have started releasing their locked iPhone 5s. I was excited to get mine from my retention plan only to find out that my reservation was never processed and it took me gazillion phone calls, tweets, email complaints, and even personally lining up at Globe’s Business Centers THREE TIMES in THREE DIFFERENT OUTLETS just to finally get my phone–which should have been delivered at my doorstep as a normal expected service for being a loyal patron.

Last November 29, I was finally able to get my iPhone 5s. After a week of using, I have noticed that the supposedly 8-10 hours usage and 250 stand-by time never happens with my unit.

Below is my normal usage stats:

Is this normal? The only time my stand-by time reached 16 hours is  because I was sleeping for the 8 hours clocked during that time.

Normal usage for me includes LTE, 3G and WIFI surfing for Viber, emails, Twitter, FB, and Instagram. That’s it. I rarely text or do any calling.

To my readers using iPhone 5s, please comment down below your normal usage hours. I’d like to know if I should return this unit while it’s still under warranty.


UPDATE: Here’s  my next set of battery usage screenshots. Seems to be this is my normal usage stats. 🙁


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  1. Cy Valencia Avatar

    When I use 3g, my battery drains soooooooooooo fast too! I rarely text and call. 🙁

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