I Just Made My Own Vegan Lotion

Honestly, I don’t mind living the quarantine life. I love being at home and I have dozens of crafts that I can get my hands around with. And so today, I decided to make another batch of my All-Vegan Lotion.

If you’ve been following me on my aromatherapy journey, you’d know how much I ADORE Ylang Ylang. I jokingly told some of my friends in aromatherapy that if I find a local producer of YY hydrosols, I would buy them in bulk and I’d bathe myself in it! Lo and behold, a few days after I said that, I found a local producer of YY hydrosols and so I got some–straight from a farm in San Luis, Aurora.

I decided to make a lotion out of it since I have this patch of itchies that has been on my left leg for weeks now. This patch of rash pops up everytime my body feels overworked. I’ve been using a popular brand of P-lotion on this since it first emerged but, well, it’s still there.

What I love about being an Aromatherapist is I can confidently create my own organic body care products and save lots of money along the way. So let me just pull my Lifetime table and prepare everything I need:

Ylang Ylang is actually a healing powerhouse. It has amazing skin regenerating properties especially targeted to your epidermis so I knew this would be perfect for today’s project. I pulled my Hemp carrier oil since it has the same skin benefitting properties. Plus, it’s packed with anti-inflammatory functions, skin-loving viamins, and has omega fatty acids that work best for eczema.

Then I found this cute bottle of Calendula infused Olive Oil that I got from my student’s supplies kit. Took a quick sniff and it’s still good so I decided to finally use this in my formulation. Calendula, as you may or may not know, is great for your skin, too.

For essential oils, I picked my big guns for this: Helichrysum, Manuka, and Blue Tansy–all of which are great for skin repairing and are skin cell regenerative.

So here’s my Hemp Ylang Ylang Vegan Skin Soothing Lotion:

I love how this turned out–and the feminine scent of YY shines through. The scent of the lotion is not over-empowering but it lingers on your skin even 2 hours after application. I love the texture as well–it’s non-greasy yet nourishing. Can’t wait to let you guys know how it fares on my stress-induced skin patches.

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