#ManilaJavita: Easy 5-whole-pounds gone in just 10 days

Today marks my 10th day, or the day I finish #ManilaJavita’s 10-Day Challenge. More than the curiosity as to whether Javita Lean + Green Tea will work for me, what I actually wondered was how good this product would really be.

Sure it has made my mom lose 12lbs in just 3 weeks, but I don’t really have much to lose. I just want to get rid of some belly fat and go back to my pre-Bangkok weight of 98lbs.

I weighed 103lbs when I started with my #ManilaJavita 10-Day Challenge. I was a bit skeptical because (1) I’m the type who finds it hard to adapt to a new habit; and (2) we all know how hard it is to lose the last few pounds of weight and I only have to lose 5lbs, so I guess #ManilaJavita will have to play it hard with me.

Last week, I also enrolled myself in an unlimited 7-day Yoga class from Yoga Plus, which I enjoyed very much and will be writing about in a few days. But for now, let’s talk about my honest assessment with Javita Lean and Green Tea.

For the past 10 days, I have successfully incorporated Javita Green Tea in my daily routine as part of my daily drink during yoga class. This was very effective for me as I would have to drink the entire tumbler of green tea mid-day.

Unlike other slimming teas, you don’t have to have LBM with Javita to lose weight. There’s absolutely no change in your lifestyle. You can get on with your day like how you would normally do prior taking Javita tea/coffee.

What I really love about Javita is that I didn’t have to go through meal planning, calorie counting and etc. There was no dieting involved. If you follow my Instagram feed, you can see my daily food posts and you can see that I still eat the way I normally do–which is, A LOT. And, even if nothing has changed with my eating habits, I still regained my goal weight of 98lbs in the span of 10 days!

What I did notice, though, is that I feel full easily and my cravings have stopped. I would normally reach out for a bar of white chocolate when I’m bored or stressed. But with Javita, I noticed I liked drinking water more than taking in sweets. So, in a way, I was never deprived of the food that I liked, it was a conscious decision not to eat more because I was feeling full already.

On the other hand, I also think that yoga helped me achieve my goal weight since hot yoga helps your body relieve water retention. So I guess, Javita and yoga did perfectly well for me to achieve my 5-pound loss.

Follow @Manila.Javita on Instagram as they are having a promo until April 30. You can have your first box of Javita at a special discounted price.

To get to know more about Javita and its health benefits, follow @Manila.Javita on Instagram or email them at manila(dot)javita(at)outlook(dot)com. You may send an SMS at 09276305819 or viber 09322099122 for enquiries.

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3 responses to “#ManilaJavita: Easy 5-whole-pounds gone in just 10 days”

  1. Vin Domier Avatar

    wow 5 pounds already? amazing! (^….^)

  2. Mai Casanguan Avatar

    How much?I’m a breastfeeding mom,Do you think safe to take for me?Need to loss weight after giving birth lol

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Hi mai, yes it’s safe for lactating women. Only 2,400 per box of 24 sachet

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