My COVID19 Protocol

At this point, I’m just waiting for my isolation days to become over.

I still consider myself lucky. Lucky to experience only the mildest of symptoms. Lucky to overcome COVID19 without needing hospitalization. And lucky to have friends and family to support me as soon as they’ve heard what I’m going through.

I knew I was going down with something unpleasant when I woke up the next day still having sore throat. I didn’t do any karaoke or anything to stress my throat out so having it out of the blue is quite odd… and alarming. As soon as I tested positive, my mom sent me my survival kit and I got by the entire ordeal by religiously taking Lian Hua and Pan Lam Kun.

My sleeping pattern was messed up during Day 1-2 but I tried to sleep as much as I can. I ate healthily–as I normally would–and took more vitamin C-rich fruits. I also took time to catch more morning sunshine than I normally would.

My mom’s friend sent some test kits, apart from the ones I was able to secure by myself. Unfortunately, I was also scammed while buying these testkits for myself. After sending the payment, the online seller never replied back, much more fulfilled my order…but that’s good for another blog post. What can I say, online predators are everywhere. 🙁

I also felt that my essential oils were helpful. I did notice a difference in my preference during Day 1-2. I would normally be okay with Thieves blend, but during those days, I can’t seem to stomach the smell. I did enjoy diffusing cornmint and lime combined, so I used more of that. Plus, I periodically diffused 1,8 cineole-rich oils like rosemary and ravensara to help cleanse the air.

By Day 8, I’ve already tested negative via the Rapidtest kit. I’ve been back to normal since Day 13, aside from my bouts of coughing. But the rest of my symptoms were long gone.

Luckily, I never had to experience anosmia, or prosmia, or anything related to loss of the ability to smell and/or taste. I never had fever as well… and so I consider myself extremely lucky as my symptoms were pretty much manageable.

According to today’s news, we have more than 39,000 new cases JUST FOR TODAY–that’s a whole lot! It just goes to show that this pandemic isn’t stopping anytime soon. How many more ‘waves’ are we going to endure until we all can go back to ‘normal’? Or let’s just rest our case and accept that this is the new normal?

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