NEW FAVORITE: Get Leid 3D Fibre Mascara


I really can’t contain my excitement when this came at my doorstep. For chinita girls who naturally have short and sparse lashes, I swear, Get Leid 3D Fibre Mascara is heaven sent!

Back in 2012: Ana, myself, and Lei

Get Lei’d Cosmetics is the brainchild of my sassy makeup artist friend Lei Hosseinzadeh-Ang. I’ve always envied her Kim Kardashian-ish lashes (and I’m sure most of her friends would feel the same) so I guess it’s a complete no-brainer for her to come out with her own mascara line to help girls (like me!) who has virtually no lashes.

Steps to sexy lashes:

  1. Apply Setting Mascara as base
  2. Apply Green Tea Fibre to boost volume and length while the base is wet
  3. Apply Setting Mascara to seal in fibers
  4. Repeat coating as much as you want!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Get Lei’d 3D Fibre Mascara is the first of its kind in the Philippines. I know about K-Palette Day Magic Fiber Mascara but these are two full sizes of mascara wands with the fibers being all-natural green tea fiber.

Setting Mascara wand

These fibers are made from natural green tea fibers to help extend your lashes for that instant lengthening and voluminous effect. Now you can ditch those falsies and forget about lash extensions!

Green Tea Fiber wand

When applied just as recommended, here’s what it did to my Chinese-thin lashes… BAM!

This photo is taken after one coat of the setting masara-fiber-mascara routine.

See how some of the wisps of hair look more extended than others? Those are the green tea fibers doing its magic. It’s like having instant lash extensions without the hassle of having lash extensions (you know how inconvenient it is to wash your eye area if you have your lash extensions on). Remember, you can add more fiber-to-mascara layers if you want to extend more fibers on your lashes!

Get Lei’d Mascara is sold for only Php995.00. Each set comes with a setting mascara and green tea fiber wand to create long and luscious lashes. It comes in a beautiful hardboard case, which is perfect for gift-giving this Christmas.

Check out and order your own Get Lei’d Cosmetics through Instagram.

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5 responses to “NEW FAVORITE: Get Leid 3D Fibre Mascara”

  1. edelwiza d. nagal Avatar
    edelwiza d. nagal

    how much is the get leid 3d fibre mascara.. thanks!

  2. edelwiza d. nagal Avatar
    edelwiza d. nagal

    where can i buy? tnxs!

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      You can get in touch with Lei through her instagram account.

  3. Pau Avatar

    First time to read a mascara wand with the fibers being all-natural green tea fiber! Wow! I’m impressed with the effect on your eyelashes! Nice! 🙂

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