NEW FAVORITE: Pet Warehouse Your Online Pet Store

Have you seen Pet Warehouse’s Facebook Ads?

I have long been wishing for this kind of online store so I won’t have to go out and buy Pepper’s vitamins and whatnot when my lazy bone is kicking in. So when I saw Pet Warehouse on Facebook, I had a clicking spree and quickly filled my shopping cart.

What I love about Pet Warehouse is that they actually have a lot of good stuff for cats. Most pet shops here in Manila carries things mostly for pups. Cats are so marginalized here, I swear. Probably the owner of Pet Warehouse is actually a cat owner. Hm…

So anyways, here I am quickly my shopping cart with some mostly impulse buys.

Pet Warehouse accepts Paypal, Credit Card Payments, and Cash On Delivery. You get free delivery for purchases over Php1,000.00 within Metro Manila. Their prices are not that far compared to those in brick and mortar stores so you actually save on gas, parking fee, and your time being stuck in traffic.

Pet Warehouse provides next day delivery and is open everyday. They will send you an SMS to confirm your order and another one to notify you on shipping.

The delivery guy arrived around 2pm at my house with my orders carefully packed in plastic. Yay!

Will I purchase from them again? Most definitely yes! It’s the most convenient for my furbabies, really! Even my housekeeper was pretty impressed that my cats’ vitamins are now being delivered at my doorstep.

Be sure to visit as they are uploading new items within the week. I myself am excited for their new stocks. I heard they’re carrying a lot of unique brands that aren’t found in most pet stores in Manila. <3

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3 responses to “NEW FAVORITE: Pet Warehouse Your Online Pet Store”

  1. Pat Avatar

    Love Pet Warehouse! Super godsent service especially to cat parents!

  2. Valerie Avatar

    I agree with you on the “cats are marginalized” in most pet stores. After hours of of searching for Arm and Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer from one major department store to another and Pet Express I found it in True Value store. Now that I have discovered this website, I will definitely try this next time!

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