No More Bad Hair Days with Kerasilk by Cynos

I have always patronized Cynos products. For a girl who diligently has her hair rebonded every year, I need a hair care brand that I can trust to help keep my hair in tip-top shape all the time.

I was in for a wonderful hair treat/party at Azta Urban Salon Eastwood. But since I just had my hair colour and rebond both from Cynos earlier this year, I opted to have Kerasilk instead of their Nano DigiPerm.

I am always on the go and keeping a low maintenance hairstyle is the only thing perfect for me. Cynos’ innovative Keratin treatment–called Kerasilk–enables me to skip the salon blow dry and keep it wash and wear for three to four months. Yup, that’s having salon perfect hair for 90 days or so.

Kerasilk, or the Keratin straightening treatment, is best for dry, frizzy, damaged, and chemically worked or previously straightened hair–like mine! What I loved about the procedure is that it’s water-based and is proven safe to use. Plus, the products used for Kerasilk smelled yummily fruity.

Kerasilk Step 1 is a deep cleansing formula to remove residue and build-up. This prepares your hair for the treatment and opens up the hair cuticle for better absorption of Step 2. Kerasilk Step 2 works as a reconstructor to revitalize, soften, and straighten your hair. Both Kerasilk Step 1 and Step 2 has to be done at the salon, with the help of the salon expert Edwin from Azta Urban Salon.

Who is ‘Jirbie Ong’? :p

Step 3 and 4 are the post-treatment care that you have to abide as hair maintenance. Kerasilk Step 3 Daily Shampoo is a non-sodium chloride formulation that cleanses and repair processed hair. It guarantees to maintain the perfect smoothness and long-lasting keratin treatment effect on our hair. Kerasilk Step 4 Daily Conditioner delivers superior conditioning and prismatic shine using its formulated moisture replenishing system that infuses rich nutrition to every hair shaft. Using Kerasilk Step 3 and 4 will help achieve that long-lasting soft and manageable hair that can last up to 4-5 months.

This innovative and intense hair therapy Keratin treatment eliminates 95% of hair frizz making it smooth and easier to style. With my hair shaft being strengthened through Kerasilk, now I can say goodbye to bad hair days!

Thank you so much to Ms. Meg of Azta Urban Salon Eastwood and Ms. Lynne of Cynos Hair. For more info about Cynos, follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. rhania (@rhaindropz) Avatar

    want my mane to be pampered too =) it is totally damaged

  2. DearKaaat Avatar

    I’ve never tried hair treatments offered in salons but if I do, I’ll definitely check these out. 🙂

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