Pepper’s New ID Collar from Bruce’s Personalized Tag

Pepper is loving his new tag

Pepper missed his vet appointment last weekend. But the last time we checked his weight he’s already 3.3kg heavy at 7 months old. At this point, he’s already a teenager in cat age.

As a teenage kitty, Pepper has been going out a lot on his own. Sometimes he’d go out of the window to seek his own adventure and be back after one or two hours. Thus, we realized it’s time for Pepper to sport his pet ID.

Gold Personalized Pet Tag – Php250.00 (Bruce’s); Green Pet Collar – Php60.00 (True Value)

Following my unfortunate encounter with the first online pet tag seller, I contacted Bruce’s Personalized Pet Tag after so many good recommendations from my fellow feline lover.

Prices range from Php250-Php600 each depending on the tag and what exactly is engraved on them. You can choose from a variety of colors like blue, pink, purple, green, and etc. I chose gold for Pepper.

With Bruce’s, there’s not much thinking–and worrying–needed to do. I just told him I would like a small circular tag, told him the messages on front & back–and pronto! My order’s done in 2 days. He ships his items fast, too!

But what I love most about Bruce is his service. Little things like making me choose the font and sending me photos of the outcome without me asking for it makes the big difference. He even monitored if my order was able to reach me–that’s some awesome after-sales service!

Get your own personalized pet IDs from Bruce’s Personalized Pet Tag. You may get in touch with him through his Facebook fanpage. =^,^=


5 responses to “Pepper’s New ID Collar from Bruce’s Personalized Tag”

  1. fati recede ☀ (@_itsmefati) Avatar

    I also want one for my Pepper and my Beemo! They will definitely look cute with this tag! 🙂 excited to get two for my fur babies! 😀

  2. Cy Valencia Avatar

    Wow the ID collar is so elegant compared to your other post lol. Good thing you found a nice seller who can give you what you really want for your cat. 🙂

  3. Lean Diwa Avatar

    This is cute! but sadly I can own a pet here in our condo.. 🙁 I also like cats but I grew up with many dog in our house.I’m dying to own a pet but I really can’t haist….

  4. Elle Avatar

    This is sooo cute! May I know the exact fan page name of Bruce? Whenever I click the links you posted, they will only direct me to my fb home page, i don’t know why! Please can you give me the exact name of Bruce’ so I can search on fb manually. Thanks!

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Hi, last I heard he went back to his home country already

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