Pick of the Month: TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo

Did you know that you shouldn’t be washing your hair every single day unless you have oily scalp? But living in a tropical country like the Philippines almost makes it impossible not to take a shower AT LEAST ONCE a day (I mean, I know some people who even takes shower 2x a day!).

Over-washing your hair can strip your scalp’s natural oils. Plus, day-old hair styles better. So if you’re the type who spends most of your time in an airconditioned room and barely sweat in a day, I’d highly suggest for you to skip daily shampooing and try using a good dry shampoo in between shampoo days.

Formulated to absorb excess oil and remove odor, our full line of dry shampoo products are designed to rejuvenate your hair without a drop of water. Infused with citrus extracts, the formulas help leave your tressesย with a clean, fresh lookโ€”while leaving no visible residue.

I have tried other dry shampoos before but this has been my favorite since it doesn’t leave that annoying white residue, which makes your hair look more untidy. This TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo is easy to use–just shake the can, cut your hair into sections, and spray it onto your roots before massaging it in. Your hair and scalp would instantly feel refreshed. Plus, I really love the light powdery scent.

I also love that this is specifically made for color-treated hair. It has UVA complex in it that shields your hair from UV rays, which is the main culprit that fades your color faster.

I picked this from Parkson Duty Free in Clark for USD4.58 (with Php46.25=1USD conversion that day so that’s Php211.82 in value). But I’m sure I’ve seen this in S&R here in Metro Manila, not sure though if they have this variant for color-treated hair.


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  1. i loved their keratin one (red) super bango sa hair both the shampoo and conditioner, i also tried their hair mask.

    the only dry shampoo that i have tried is the one from dove (pink one) it smells okay.

  2. I haven’t tried using dry shampoo coz it’s pricey. My hair is dry but my scalp is oily. Not washing with shampoo at night makes my scalp itchy next day. Maybe I should try this too :))

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