Product Review: ClearStart with Aloe

I love ClearStart. I love the thought of being able to effectively get rid of parasites in my body and thoroughly clean my insides.

Since I sleep with my cats, it is important that I take time to make sure I’m healthy–the way we make sure our pets are dewormed every 3 months.

Unicity Cleanse with Aloe Vera has a combination of natural ingredients designed to detoxify, cleanse and improve bowel regularity. Basically, this is a 3-Step 30-day cleansing kit. ClearStart with Aloe is a powerful combination of three natural products designed to work together for gentle but thorough intestinal cleansing. Did you know that digestive cleansing is an important first step in both health and weight management? When you effectively cleanse your intestinal tract, you absorb nutrients better.

What I like about ClearStart with Aloe versus the old one is that you don’t have to have too many trips to the toilet. The older one ruined my schedule for a week. Haha! But with ClearStart Aloe, Nature’s Tea is replaced with Aloe Vera capsules to help you move your bowels at a more controlled rate.

ClearStart with Aloe is a complete 30-day kit that you have to take to remove bloating and get rid of unwanted intestinal parasites. Get your ClearStart 30-day Detox set for only Php3,500.00 from @Manila.Javita on Instagram or email them at manila(dot)javita(at)outlook(dot)com. You may send an SMS at 09276305819 or viber 09322099122 for enquiries.

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  1. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    Oh, they have a cleansing kit pala. That’s interesting. I have tried that only once. And yun nga, sobrang daming trips sa toilet. So when I started college I never tried anything like it. :/

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