Product Review: Maybelline Mega Plush Volum’ Express Mascara

Here’s yet another mascara review from Maybelline. I was curious about this “gel-mousse” formula and how it can affect the effects on my lashes. Since this mascara is volumizing, I was imagining some fluttery fluffy lashes because of all the weight gone from a traditional mascara formula.

Introducing Maybelline’s first gel-mousse mascara: Maybelline New York Volum’ Express The Mega Plush Waterproof Mascara contains 40% less hard waxes for massive, yet supple lashes. The patented Flexor Brush gently coats every lash with mega volume that’s never stiff and never brittle. Ophthalmologist tested and contact lens safe.

Maybelline Mega Plush Volum’ Express Mascara not only features a new gel-mousse formula that is supposed to not weigh your lashes down but also a flexible mascara wand that glides through your lashes to avoid excessive pulling and tugging.

This mascara uses a traditional synthetic fiber brush that is in concave form. There’s nothing really special about the brush itself. The wand, however, has a flexible hinge feature that I’m not really keen of. It’s interesting to have, but it doesn’t really do much on my lashes.

I guess the technology of this mascara is in the formula itself as it’s the first gel-mousse based formula with 40% less hard wax. So it kind of keeps your lashes soft and fluttery versus stiff and spider-legs looking.

I love how it volumizes my lashes but I find the brush shape hard to cover my shorter lower lash without creating a mess. There’s nothing about lengthening in this mascara. I also don’t like that this mascara smudges on me as I go on through the day giving me the dreaded panda eyes. 🙁

Overall, I don’t think this is for me since I don’t like dealing with smudges (who does, anyway?). But for girls who has less oilier lids, I guess you can give this a try.

Maybelline Mega Plush Volum’ Express Mascara is not available in the Philippines but you can always order in online.

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4 responses to “Product Review: Maybelline Mega Plush Volum’ Express Mascara”

  1. doseofrain Avatar


    i love mascara that gives great length on my lashes.. have you tried Avon Magnify Mascara ms jirbie? i really love it till the last swipe on my lashes but sadly it was discontinued (or maybe because it was limited edition) i just wish i didnt throw the wand away because it can coat your lower lashes (which is way shorter than our upper lashes) without hassles and mess

    if i would pick top three my first would be Avon Magnify, second would be Benefit They’re Real Mascara and lastly Clinique Mascara =)

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Ohhh! I havent heard of Avon magnify, but have you tried their new Aero Volume mascara?

  2. doseofrain Avatar

    i heard about Aero Volume Mascara from Avon but havent tried it yet ms jirbie!

    if you’ve tried it for sure you’ll love it too (Avon Magnify Mascara)

  3. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    I’m not really a fan of mascaras but with your verdict, I don’t think I’ll try it. I kinda have oilier lids pa naman. :/ The packaging looks cute sana

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