Product Review: Nivea Med Protection SPF 15

Our lips are very sensitive to exterior conditions. And I guess it’s because of the change in our weather that have caused my lips to act up recently.

My lips have suddenly become dry on the edges and have appeared more plump than it already is–which are both signs of an irritated lip. Frankly, I have quite a lot of balms and it seems to me that I needed more than those that smelled good and in cutesy tubes. So I had to grab a quick-fix in the grocery store and found myself reaching for Nivea Med Protection balm.

Repairs, protects and strengthens the condition of lips with Vitamin E. A definite must-have for cracked lips or very dry weather conditions! With SPF 15 to protect against UVA and UVB rays. Now with Hydra IQ that gives long lasting moisturisation.

What I like about Nivea Med Protection is that it’s creamy but it’s not sticky nor too waxy. I love the thought of putting a lipbalm with “medical protection” as I feel that, in the case of my lips, it needs more than just the aesthetic benefits of a balm. Though I wish the SPF could have been raised a little higher.

I used to love Carmex but comparing Nivea Med Protection to the former brand, I like this more as it’s less sticky on the lips. However, I wish Nivea took in some of the cooling properties of a Carmex balm.

Nivea Med Protection balm retails for Php90.00. Available at your nearest drugstore or groceries.

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4 responses to “Product Review: Nivea Med Protection SPF 15”

  1. Abegaill Villacruz Avatar

    Such a nice product ha. Must check this out in Watsons soon. I didn’t know Nivea has a lip balm eh. What Im using naman right now to prevent my lips from chapping is the human nature tinted lip balm. It’s actually super nice with mint flavor pa. It serves as my lipstick na rin if I am too lazy to use lipstick. 🙂

  2. doseofrain Avatar

    i think i’ll get this one (for me and hubs)

  3. Glaiza Binayas Avatar

    I’m experiencing cracked lips lately. :/ I guess I found the remedy

  4. eddiellibungay Avatar

    Cracked lips are always my problem! I still can’t find the remedy until I saw this post! Will try it! 🙂

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