Product Review: PebbleBee Honey GPS Tracker

Imagine you’re late for a meeting and you have spent 30minutes trying to look for your car keys. Because, why not, your kitties decided one morning that your car keys are their newest toy to play around with.

Don’t you just love the idea of never having to lose stuff EVER AGAIN? Ah, thanks to PebbleBee Honey, you might have to kiss this scenario goodbye forever.

The Honey, a powerful bluetooth tracker, makes a perfect finder for your keys, phones, wallets, remote controls, luggage, purses, tablets, backpacks, cameras, kids toys, power tools, water bottles and other stationary valuables. 

Comes with:
– A replaceable battery of about 8 months to 1 Year of life.
– Best in class for range with a reliable 150 ft.
– Speaker and LED to make finding easier no matter where it is.
– Crowd sourced GPS: utilize other Honey owners signals, to find your device!
– Multi-Function button: side button sounds your phones alarm and controls it camera for group pictures

I have attached my Honey to my car keys as soon as I have received it in the mail and I was pretty impressed. Although a lot bigger than my Trackr Bravo, the PebbleBee Honey provides a more responsive and accurate location as seen below:

The Honey runs on a CR2430 cell battery, which is pretty much easier to find in most hardware stores, compared to the tiny CR1616 that the Bravo uses. Plus this battery makes the Honey last longer than my Trackr Bravo. Oh, and the Honey syncs pretty fast with any Android or iOS device, and works pretty much in an instant. However, I did notice that the PebbleBee Honey provides a more accurate location on an iOS versus an Android device. I would assume that this is because of the app and not the device itself.

What I love about PebbleBee Honey is that the battery life lasts so much longer than my Trackr Bravo. I swear, if I put a new battery in my Bravo, by the time I need to use it to track my cats, it has already run out of juice–even if I haven’t even used the fresh battery, not even once!–rendering it useless. For my PebbleBee, I haven’t changed the battery since getting it last July 1.

Do note, however, that the device and your phone has to be actively syncing in order for this thing to work. In short, your phone’s Bluetooth has to be turned on all the time and both are within the 150ft range–which is still better than Bravo’s 100ft range.

On the flipside, since this PebbleBee Honey is a lot bigger than a Bravo, it’s not really ideal to use for cats. The PebbleBee Honey may be okay for larger breed dogs like a Golden Retriever, but it’s just not ideal for my tiny rescued cats, not even for my 4kg Persian Siamese Tutti.

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