Product Review: Urban Decay Mariposa Palette

Last week, I was looking for a new palette with more blues and greens since I noticed that my current eye palettes are mostly in pink and purple hues. When I saw Urban Decay’s Mariposa Palette, it was a no-brainer for me to click add to cart and purchase this right in time for Valentine’s.

I decided to go for Urban Decay’s Mariposa since (1) it’s not common, and (2) the colors that I’m looking for are in it. Urban Decay Mariposa Palette contains 10 shimmery shadows with 4 exclusive never-before-seen colors. Let me walk you through each shade:

  • Rockstar is a smoky dark purple with very subtle shimmer.
  • Gunmetal is a dark charcoal gray color, which you can find in UD’s Naked 1 & 2 palette.
  • Skimp is a shimmery version of Foxy from Naked2 palette. It’s skin-toned, perfect for subtle highlights on brownbone.
  • Infamous is a showstopping magenta pink.
  • Wreckage is more or less Snakebite from the Naked2 palette. It’s a medium-dark brown shade with subtle golden glitter.
  • Haight is a beautiful mermaid blue shadow with a frosted finish.
  • Money, my favorite, is a grayish green tone with silvery gold glitters.
  • Mushroom is a shimmery dark taupe. This is perfect for adding dimension in your smokey eye.
  • Spotlight is similar to Suspect from Naked2 palette. A good transition color, Spotlight is a shimmery light golden beige color.
  • Limelight is almost like Half Baked from both Naked 1 & 2 palettes. It’s a a lightened coppery bronze color with golden shimmer.

Since all the shades are shimmery or glittery, you must be very aware of the possible fallouts. I also noticed that this palette does not work for me without primer or eye base. I normally use a coat of eye primer and ELF Jumbo Stick in Milk as my base before I apply any of my Mariposa colours. However, with eye base on, the colors can stay put throughout the day 🙂

The packaging is simple and cute–it’s a gunmetal tin casing with butterfly embossed on top. This Urban Decay Mariposa Palette also comes with a travel-sized synthetic eyeshadow brush.

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  1. rhania (@rhaindropz) Avatar

    i know that UD palettes costs much for a budget mom like me =) i prefer sleek palette =)

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