Qrated Crates: Crating the life you want

With all the technology available to this generation and all the conveniences in life has to offer, now is the best time to be alive.

We are in the generation of curated living, where everything is tailor-fitted to one’s personal wants or needs. This is the reason why subscription boxes are very in right now–where companies would keep our profile, send us something that matches our lifestyle, and enjoy these unique offerings in the comforts of our own homes.

Pioneering the subscription marketplace in Southeast Asia is Qrated Crates (qratedcrates.com), an online discovery platform or marketplace for subscription boxes. Think of it as an online mall where vendors can offer curated items that form a subscription box.

Offering various products such as food, grooming, and even accessories, these Qrated boxes are delivered to your doorstep, saving customers time and money in the long run.

So for my first Qrated Crate, I received a bulol salt and pepper shaker, and a nice bulol candle holder from a company called Liwayway. I totally loved the candle holder, which I thought was perfect for my next DIY video.

In essence, Qrated Crates as a brand is not just simply a marketplace for subscription boxes, it is a solution that allows you to be free of your chores and pursue that lifestyle you have always wanted. It can be as simple as more time to have coffee with your friends to something as luxurious as spending more time to travel.

Currently, Qrated Crates has eight categories such as babies and kids, beauty, fashion, food and beverage, health and fitness, pets, hobbies and novelties, and luxury.

Some of the brands include Minerale; Stylegenie; Liwayway; Fetch! Naturals; Barik Supremo Lambanog; Oli’s Boxship; Vinoom Selection; Pushkart; Tita May’s Breakfast; Teas of Joy; and Izumio, to name a few.

Subscribing to Qrated Crates is easy–customers simply sign up, create a profile, browse to find subscription boxes that suit their lifestyle, and place a trial order or a recurring order.

Qrated Crates automates shopping via subscriptions. It offers subscriptions for every type of lifestyle. No matter the interest, the brand’s experts and enthusiasts will create and curate the absolute best products for your box – and then send it right to your doorstep. To see the full list of products, visit http://qratedcrates.com/.

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