Spreading the #BetterMe message of SkinWhite

SkinWhite, the leading and pioneer skin whitening brand in the Philippines, aims to give young Filipinas the tools they need to improve who they are—both inside and out. They’ve also launched a four-month campaign called #BetterMe, to help inspire and empower teens.

As a way to give back to our community, last April, the SkinWhite Captivate Council conducted a Personality Development Seminar to 20 girls in Barangay Tagalag. Here, they got to know the stories of the girls and learn about one another’s lives. Through the #BetterMe campaign and the Captivate Council, the girls are reminded of what really matters and allow them to develop their own inner confidence, so they can be kinder to themselves and others.

Thanks to SkinWhite’s unique Synchrowhite Action, you can always show off your whitest white glow and have skin that your friends will envy. It works in four fabulous ways: by whitening the skin’s surface, reducing formation of new dark pigments, nourishing with vitamins, and protecting you from toxins and UV rays.

This Synchrowhite Action is found in SkinWhite products like their Power Whitening Lotion for radiant, brighter skin; SkinWhite Face Cream Powder; and SkinWhite Power Whitening Facial Cleanser for a pimple-free and glowing complexion.

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  1. Glaiza Binayas Avatar

    The pink bag got my attention. 😀 It’s cute! ?

  2. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    So cute nga ng pink bag, personalized pa. 🙂 I use skinwhite cleanser and lotion too. There are lots of good campaigns na talaga recently.

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