UMID (Unified Multi-purpose ID) for first time applicants

In the Philippines, most important government or business transactions would require 2 government issued IDs. The UMID (Unified Multi-purpose ID) is one of the IDs honored almost everywhere, and it’s free! So today, let me walk you through on how you can conveniently apply for your very own UMID.

Yesterday, I accompanied my sister to get her UMID since she doesn’t have any other valid ID aside from her passport. We went to SSS San Juan branch and our application went by with such a breeze.

If you have free time this December, I highly suggest for you to process your UMID since most people are out of Manila, so logically, the SSS branches are pretty much empty. 🙂

Anyway, below are the required documents. Don’t forget to bring the original copy and a clear photocopy, just in case the SSS staff would ask for it. Keep in mind that you are only qualified to apply for a UMID if you are an active SSS member or if you have at least 1 year active membership with SSS.

Proceed to the window with UMID application sign on it–at SSS San Juan it’s Windows 3 or 4–then submit your completed form and requirements. The SSS Staff will check your documents and eligibility via your SSS number. My sister brought her SSS E-1 copy just to be sure.

If you’re a married female, you will be asked to fill out a separate form to update your records and reflect your married surname. Don’t forget to bring your original marriage certificate and a clear photocopy. Bring also your NSO Birth certificate just to be sure.

After submitting all the required documents, we were sent to the Data Capture area for the picture taking and biometrics. Keep in mind that the guy taking the photo would have his lunch break from 12nn-1pm. So be sure to stay away from this break time.

After the data capture, you will have to confirm your encoded data with the SSS staff and he will issue the Acknowledgement Stub. Keep the stub so you may follow up your UMID in case it becomes late. The SSS Staff said it would take 3-4 months for the UMID to arrive at your doorstep. If in case it’s delayed, you may email and make sure to note your SSS number plus the details on your acknowledgement stub for them to track the status of your UMID.

We were done in about an hour including the waiting time for the Data Capture Staff to come back from his break time. So overall the experience wasn’t bad at all. Let’s just see how long will the delivery take and I will update this post as soon as we have received it. 🙂

Anyways, Merry Christmas to all! <3

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    Hi! How long is the wait for the UMID ID?

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