WARNING: Stay away from SMART Prepaid LTE

So Smart has been incessantly promoting their prepaid 4G LTE is on promo right now until December 2014. Good news, right? Think again.

Since I live in an area where Smart’s signal is really strong, I got a Smart Prepaid LTE modem a couple of months back. In fact, this has been my primary internet connection at home. With my Prepaid Smart Bro connection, I normally get speeds up to 10mbps. So I just load it up with Php995.00 to get an unlimited LTE connection for 30 days instead of subscribing to DSL.

I have been enjoying this relatively fast internet connection with 6-8 gadgets at home since May until last month when Smart declared FREE internet for Prepaid subscribers.

You think this is another good news? NOT FOR THOSE WHO ARE PAYING FOR THEIR INTERNET.

Of course when they give out internet for everyone, this means they should allocate the internet traffic for more users. Smart and PLDT have not thought of improving the current internet connection speed FIRST before coming out like a hero declaring free internet for all.

Here’s the real deal. Smart is having a technical issue that permanently bars prepaid LTE users back to 3G. So if you’re a Smart Prepaid LTE user and has noticed that your pocket wifi has been a terrible pain in the ass, it’s because of this current technical phenomenon–thanks to Smart.

And here’s the catch: once your Smart Bro LTE Prepaid sim has locked in on 3G, there’s no coming back. No LTE forever. The remedy? Throw your simcard and buy a new one. That is, to get a 4G connection until it gets barred again to 3G.

I went to call this in on Smart hotline, and of course, they couldn’t help bringing my number back to LTE. I went to Megamall’s Customer Service and they said you would have to pay for a new LTE Prepaid sim–even if it’s Smart’s bright idea to have this technical thing going on.

My Smart Prepaid LTE has already wasted Php200 for a non-sense 3G connection. I have already switched to new Smart Prepaid LTE simcards THRICE as well. So if you’re wondering why I’m MIA on my blog, it’s because I’m having a hard time connecting to internet. And if you’re thinking of buying Smart Bro Prepaid, think more than twice, please.

Has anyone else experienced this? Do let me know. And please let Smart know about this issue, just in case MVP is planning yet another important announcement in Makati Shang.

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200 responses to “WARNING: Stay away from SMART Prepaid LTE”

  1. Jourdan Avatar

    i experienced this as well, hate what speed i am having now. i am in tagaytay area, and was very happy to have 10-15mbps download speeds on my newly bought smart lte sim. sadly, after two months of using, it dropped to 3G connections only, with speeds of 10kbps only, in good days. And even though i try to force it to connect to 4G, its grayed out. what a let down, i hope Smart allots the proper speed to those who pay for the LTE prepaid subscriptions. anyways, nice site, and Godbless

    1. ESTUDYANTE Avatar

      So I was browsing yesterday using my prepaid lte sim and an unlocked 4g modem-router from globe. I’m satisfied with its speed but at around 12:40 am this morning I cant connect to the internet so I opened wifi’s settings using my browser and lo and behold no signal so I tried to insert the sim on my 4g phone and its still dead. The problem is I still have 20 hours of browsing time and I cant get what I pay for! I tried putting it back to the pocket wifi, turn it on.. Still no signal, put it back to the phone and still no signal but mya phone detects the freaking sim. As a studebt on a budget I am really disappointed and have a writing task I might not pass ??

      1. ben Avatar

        your being blocked because your a heavy user.. you bandwith leech!

      2. MeSH Avatar


        If the ISP offer “UNLIMITED” promo…. then what do you think the user will do? Syempre mag surf sila sa internet toda MAX…. Mag offer ka ng UNLIMITED pero may LIMIT? Ano ginagawa ng NTC? nag bubulag-bulagan o nag bibingi-bingihan sila?

      3. OracleVoid Avatar

        People think its really unlimited because it has the word “Unli” on it.. But all “UNLI” plans of Smart (and even Globe) has a cap or limit. Once you reach that limit, your internet speed will be lowered to a crawl >.< until the reset time (I think its after a day or a month depending on the plan).

        It's really misleading — you really need to read the plan for all the catch.


      4. AJ Puzon Avatar

        Student din ako, pero ngayon nasa bakasyon na ako, i dont know pero sabi kasi ng smart na parang magiging same na ang internet provider para sa mga smartbro users to regular smart pero hindi konaman sya nararanasan sa smartbro sim ko, and yet it is LTE naman pero ang maximum speeds ko lng ay 1 – 2mbps lng, pag medyo maswerte ako, nakaka 3mbps, nag tithink na nga ako na magswitch nalang sa Globe.

  2. Abegaill Villacruz Avatar
    Abegaill Villacruz

    I’ve had this same experience before, when they first declared free FB for prepaid users. We’re using smart broadband at that time and I’m from Antipolo. Very same thing happened, we reported it, but they kept telling us that after a day it’ll be back to normal but it did not. So we switched to Globe broadband and the same thing happened. Now we’re using PLDT myDSL and as of now, we are satisfied. 🙂

  3. doseofrain Avatar

    thats unfair, my younger sibling is a sun subscriber, i never thought of getting LTE in the first place. It was way expensive than my sister’s one month unli surf which cost 899php (now they were on promo for 799php)

  4. Miguel Avatar

    Mine got barred last Sunday after I subscribed for LTE 299. My LTE connectoin only lasted for a few hours. I also bought a new sim just to have LTE connection again. If only there’s a decent ISP with DSL within my area (Binan, Laguna) I’ll switch immediately even if I have to pay twice of what I spend with smartbro LTE prepaid.

    1. raffy Avatar

      I think this problem can solve by changing APN to smartbro or internet from the settings under the quick setup. pag di pa rin nag work search na lang sa net or tawag sa smart kung anong compatible na APN sa location nyo, basta ang importante merong signal na 4g dapat magwowork yun. And tips lang instead na LTE 299 saken sinubukan ko UNLISURF 200 gumagana and mas mabilis sya (not sure kung gagana rin sa iba)

      1. KingEdward Juban Pateña Avatar

        kaseng bilis din ba ng LTE kung unlisurf ang gagamitin 🙂

      2. Babylyn Avatar

        Halos every day na akong nag loload kasi ambilis maubos ng data ko unlike nun . Simula nag registered ako ng simcard sa smart grabe mayat maya ubos ang pang fb . Ayusin nyo naman service nyo smart !!

  5. Azenith Tambioco Avatar

    i’m having the same issue 🙁 i used to have between 15mbps – 32mbs in our home but ever since they announced about the free internet for all, i’m getting only 0.72 mbps. can you imagine… i’m getting that speed ALWAYS ever since.

    thanks for letting us know what to do. I better buy new sim card today.

  6. Dan Avatar

    Hi postpaid LTE user here.. I too experience this.. “wrong assignment of SIM to 3G” as they call it..So it seems the issue is not only with Prepaid users..Smart LTE promised 80% reliability, but since this “free internet” started its been like 0%…. I experienced 2 cases.. One is you get LTE speed but connection is automatically cut at 10mb downloaded data.. 2nd case is you get 3G speed…The latter is worse as your speed will not improve unless you call them to reassign you sim from 3G to 4G.. which i notice is becoming harder now to reach their tech support.. probably due to the increased complaints…

    Overall, i wouldn’t recommend smart LTE for now… Probably wait until their free internet’s over next year and their bandwidths declogged…

  7. jack Avatar

    this is actually true.

    this is very unfair.

    i got an iphone6+ last october, and i found out that i got LTE on my area which is great! got so much excited about it. i then loaded 1000 for a 995 “Unlimited” LTE but then i got about 1 day of LTE and after that, it seems that i was downgraded to a 3g i could not connect to LTE anymore no matter how i tried to reset my phone and toggle switches for LTE.

    i even wanted to have complete control of my APN so i jailbroke my device. and even that didnt solve it.

    i called smart reps for a dozen of time already they keep on re-opening my ticket. as a technical person im thinking that it has to do on the back end side limiting LTE on their network.

    soooo.. i bough another LTE sim just to try it out.. SAME LOCATION, i immediately got an LTE signal, but when i switch to my old sim, i didnt have it.

    this is really bad… ;(

  8. ceejay Avatar

    I think the reason isn’t really some bug. When Smart launched the free internet promo and saw bandwidth utilization rise, they implemented volume capping on LTE connections. The Fair Use Policy stipulates 1.5GB per month (senseless!!)…. once you hit this, you will be throttled down to wimpy speeds until next month. When you switch your sim, you have a fresh volume cap until you hit it… then it throttles down again. Talk about a leap back the stoneage!

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      I agree. This is not progress at all. I’d rather have Smart remove free internet because 30mb is useless anyway. Can someone please send these relevant insights to SMART?

    2. foolpr00f Avatar

      If that 1.5GB capping is true then there’s no reason why we called it “Unlimited” so sad.

      1. ish Avatar

        1.5 gb capping is only applied to post paid not on prepaid.

      2. ish Avatar

        I’m also using 4gsmartbro prepaid pocket wifi with LTE sim , as far as i know , 1.5gb capping is only applied to postpaid user , and the prepaid still meets the unli surf and regarding to 4g down to 3g signal , sa pgka2alala q po sa waiver na pnppirmhan upon buying the 4gpocket wifi or l.t.e sim , e nksaad po dun na mamemeet lng ntn ung 4g kng ung location ntn has 4g signal , but if we only had the 3g , kht 4g pa ung gmit mo it will down to 3g.

  9. Armand Avatar

    Been a month since there was a reply here but anyway.. Yeah you are right about the fre internet thing. I am a smart postpaid subscriber and my LTE used to be perfect. Until that free internet.. my LTE signal keeps dropping and there times when I don’t have LTE for about a week.. this is frustrating cause They say postpaid numbers are prioritized..

  10. xiaokhat Avatar

    So this explains why I can’t get 4g anymore! (And perhaps why I can’t access tumblr for about a month now!)

    I just noticed that I don’t get 4g anymore three days ago. I live in Binan, Laguna and we do not have any decent/reliable connection, which is why I bought a 4g sim. No other options but to switch carriers then…

  11. xmellowgoldx Avatar

    Reblogged this on MellowGold and commented:
    Yes! I experience this problem also

  12. Tacio Avatar
  13. Mark Avatar

    This also happened to my smart broadband sim card.

    For tips:

    Get at least 2 smart prepaid sim cards (not the smart broadband simcard).

    Do not avail of LTE packages for more than one day. Just stick to LTE 50.

    Alternate your use between the 2 sim cards.

    I have been using these 2 prepaid sim cards in such manner and I have not been downgraded to 3g so far.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Dether Avatar

      Sir mark anu po ung tinutukoy nio na sim ung prepaid sim lng po b ung regular sim?? Pocket wifi po kasi gamit ko ung alcatel 4g pocket wifi and ang alam ko ung broadband sim lng ung gagana dito eh

    2. Inel Avatar

      Agree to this, we do the same in the office, no problem with our connection at all.

  14. Jake Avatar

    Tama po yung Smart bro sim ko pag naka LTE mode network, connection failed with error code 3254, at tingnan mo dun sa my.smart.com.ph, help ticket, check ticket status at hanapin mo date kung saan ka nawalan ng 4G connection, (sakin ito OFFLINE BIN ACTIVATION FOR LTE ACCOUNTS, 12-JAN-2015 17:02:00. katapos mag expire ng LTE 50 load ko nag no signal na. ni restart ko at 3G nlang at 2 bar, dati 4G 4 bar.

  15. raymond Avatar

    na experience ko ito naging 3g nlang connection ko, bumili ako ng sim last december 2 then after a month i think january 4 ata naging 3g nalang im using zte mf90 lte pocket wifi and i spent 299 for their unli lte for 7 days. Nagkaproblem din ako sa lte 299 nila last 2 days d ako makaconnect january 10 ngayon lng ulit january 14.

  16. alex Avatar

    kahit anong sim na bblock sya ganyan din skin gong2x tong smart na to ang dami ko ng simcard bwisit!!!!!!! kung gusto nyong mka bwi ay bypasin nyo ang modem nyo o kya ay e freeze magiging free internet na yan skin malapit ng mag iisang taon free pa rin ayan nkaganti rin ako.

    1. Amiel Adlawan Caybot Avatar

      sir pwde p turo kung paano e-bypass or e- freeze pra maging free internet?? pls help po kc bagal n ng lte nila. syang load ko. T_T..

    2. Divine Avatar

      Sir pano iby-pass or ifreeze? I’m currently using smart bro pocket wifi 4g and kakaload ko lang today tapos biglang hindi na ako makaconnect sa net, hindi na nagbblink yung signal 🙁 thank you sa sagot sana matulungan nyo kami..

  17. Estonina Avatar

    I’ve experienced the same issue. Really sucks. However my friends who have post paid LTE have absolutely no problems. You can either purchase more sims (like I have to and do) or you can go full blast and get a postpaid contract.

  18. Thessa Avatar

    Can I still subscribe for Unlimited LTE? Promo ended last Dec 31st 2014, right?

  19. alvin Avatar

    Ive been using lte 50.since it is bug last year and im using that in 5 months consistently, not they remove banned using lte 50 last 2013-2014 bug sim. Now meron nnmn bug sa smart lte broband sim. The red one. Think of it your paying 995 a month. I saw someone selling in hachi’s buy and sell 200php for bug lte sim.what the hell… free net bypass and bug sim.how can we see consistent strong signal with this.?. Its not worth it. I hope that if someone in this sh!t telecom company reading this be fair to use. 🙂 improve not worst. -alvin from binan here. fb(nivlaxxx07@yahoo.com)

  20. Ikson Avatar

    I’ve experienced this as well. I called smart numerous times and they always said they have already filed the report to their admin and wait a few days so they will reset the sim. They said its a malfunction of assigning 4g to 3g. I cant wait any longer, i bought a new sim and plug it in to my modem and it suddenly turned to 4g.
    So to avoid what happened last time. I’d like to ask if there is anyway i can prevent this from happening ? They said that volume cap resets after the subscription is done, so what if you only subscribe to LTE50 and not LTE299,orLTE995 because the volume cap of these subscription is also 1.5GB haha. Just saying , if you subscribe to only LTE 50 your volume cap would reset everyday as if you dont have to worry if you exceed this cause it always resets? Hmmm but im just asking a question though? Is this theory right? Will my Lte sim wont be barred to 3G again? Thanks for in advance for answering 🙂

  21. Rennier Avatar

    What is the possible solution for this damn. I always register to LTE299 then suddenly after 4 months I can’t connect to LTE anymore. Please advise!! T_T

  22. Wuddaf Avatar

    Using Huawei LTE pocket wifi. After ng free 1 week unlimited surfing. 0.79 mbps na lang ang download speed ko. not unlike don sa free load nila umaabot ako ng 25 mbps. Tinawag ko na sa smart yung issue. Pina reset nila device sakin. Wala pa rin nangyari. ganon pa rin speed ko. Sa mga may parehong problem sakin, Ano ginawa niyo? Thanks.

  23. Ed Avatar

    Shet!! Kakabili ko ln ng smartbro 4G LTE and ang mahal pa nmn tapos ganito pala ang nangyayari? I’m in Mabolo, Cebu City and speed test is 0.72 MBPS down and 0.11MBPS up. Hahaha. tapon ko nlng cguro to? Joke. But seriously, this is very frustrating I feel I was lied on. sabi pa sa kahon up to 42 MBPS pero, ay ewan. ayoko na magsalita hindi din nmn nila to inaaksyunan. I’m paying for the services that I’m not able to maximize clap clap clap..

    1. Y800 LTE Avatar
      Y800 LTE

      Hi Sir, ask ko lng po sa LTE device nyo po ba naka set to “LTE only/4G only” ang network at band ay na sa 2100? nasa mabolo din po ako and getting 1/4 LTE of 6Mbps DL&UP

  24. Amaral Avatar

    I was almost a decade Smart legit user khit na nangangaen ng load tuwing my maintainace kuno. Until nagtry ako sa Free 30mb using my personal sim for curiosity at wala p akong na consume na 20mb eh bigla na lang nawalan ng signal hanggang dina maopen sim ko kahit saan cp isalpak as in blocked tlaga ni Smart so nag complain ako piro ang nagtrigger ng galit ko eh yung puro follow-up sa ticket at walang aksyon eh doon sa sim na yun lahat naka link ng online payment accounts ko na di ko ngayon magamit ng halos 2 months na at malaking kawalan sakin to! My kunti akong background as Whitehat & Smart has turned me as Blackhat because of this!

    Tingen ko’y sa dedicated server ng 4G/LTE ipinasok ni Smart tong Free Social kaya naging mabagal yung net ntin dahil sa heavy traffic na sya ring dahilan kaya nagkaroon ng Bug..

    Sa mga mrurunong dyan, pde na kayo mg penetrate kay Smart Bug once na registered kayo kay LTE995 for 75% success rate.Mag 10months ko na tong gamit for Free internet for personal use.My 5 penetrated sims na ako at kahit expired na yung maintaining balance nung isa last Jan.6 eh Free net p rin sya until now.

    Feeling ko dipa rin ako nakabawi sa perwisyong ginawa sakin ni Smart kaya kung interesado kayo netong Penetrated sim ko para sa gantong way eh makabawi rin kayo kay Smart then here’s my # 0998-122-5389 or email me @ danielamaral43@ymail.com

    1. Amiel Adlawan Caybot Avatar

      sir.gud day….pwde po p turo nyan kung paano gawin penetrated sim ?? malaki n rin perwsyo ng smart s akin eh.. lugi n ako s load. ang bagal n ng speed.. pls po.. p pm nlang po sa FB account ko.. tnx po…

    2. Louie Avatar

      Sir, buhay pa pala until now yung binili ko sayo na pinanregalo sa b-day ng pamangkin ko last Sept. I’m not sure kung dito ko po b nabasa message mo piro sorry po kung ngayon lang ako nakapagcomment kasi i was so busy applying afterwards at andito nako sa Canada ngayon.Sana pansinin mo na yung email ko sayo kasi kukuha ako ng 3 sim at pakipadala nalang sa address ng gf ko b4 her b-day. Promise, dina po kita babaratin sir!

    3. Terry Avatar

      Sir Daniel, ano na po # u now kasi kuha na po ako nung Lifetime sim u. Available nako for meet-up ksi my LTE na sa area namen at ggmitin ko sa pisonet ko. Kumalat na ksi yung Free net na turo mo kaya bina block na ni Smart yung IEMI nung S22 na nagamit ko rin halos kalahating taon. Sayang S22 ko ksi 7taw din bili ko dati at dinagdagan ko na lang sana para makakuha ng Lifetime u at wala ng sakit ng ulo.

  25. foolpr00f Avatar

    Right now, as I’m typing this comment, I’m suffering in 3G like you guys as well 🙁 . I’m using Huawei Hilink firmware/dashboard and normally, I can connect without hassle on 4G. But since January 31, I can’t connect now to 4G. It shows 4G signal but when I click connect the signal is lost then back to 3G. I just wanna know if I’m just the only one suffering with this scum promo using Hilink Dashboard? (I wasted 3 subscriptions of LTE50).

  26. Reichen Yosemite Avatar

    it will never happen as long as your LTE devices is unlocked.. wag kayo bibili ng usb and wifi devices sa smart or globe or kahit unlocked devices from smart and globe. you should buy a fully unlocked LTE devices not related to any mobile networks.. you will see the data is not limited.

    1. The Deaf Mute Avatar

      Posible ba yan. Kasi may wireless wifi ako eh na binili ko galing pang Poland. Kung totoo yan hindi ba ako mababarred ng smart?

  27. Anje Avatar

    me too. I hope smart prepaid remove the Free 30 mb. its useless !

  28. pompom Avatar

    same problem may postpiad plan ako ang mahal ng bayad ko 2k monthly registered sa lte995 pero youtube lng di ko ma play. nagsawa nako sa kakatawag sa cstumer service wala nmang nangyayari. nasubukan ko narin mag register using prepaid 2hrs lng na disconnect na. nawala yung makupad na 3g ayaw n bumalik. tinapon ko n yung smart sim.. sana masulusyunan nmn to kawawa tayo sa smart. pag ntapos plan ko never nko kukuha ulit..

  29. kutr cobain Avatar

    naku akin sim nka salpak sa ultera. sa umaga mabilis nasa 5 to 14 mbps tas sa peak nas .80 to 1.5 na.. pag na block pala sim ko ibaba ko pala ang 10ft ko na antena. sa gentrias cavite ako nakakapagod yun..

  30. Nyx Assassin Avatar
    Nyx Assassin

    This useless gimmick from SMART is really unfair for proper subscribers. Jeepney mentality as usual. F#ck this kind of business framework.

    “Isa pa isa pa babiyahe na! Isa pa! Usog usog na lang po tayo sa kanan” when the jeep is clogged with whales…

  31. Dan Avatar

    ito rin ang problema ko sa smart LTE sim card ko kuno (unlimited daw) apat nang sim card ang naitapon ko at may subscribe na 299 sa unang registration mo maganda 8-10mbps pa pero after few hours yung 10mbps ko drop to .3mbps, hanggang ngayun ganun arin gawa ko.. nagsasayang ng load..

  32. LTE_SmartBroken Avatar

    ito yung unlimited daw LTE Unlisurf 299 7 Days unlimited browsing via LTE/4G for P299,
    kaya marami ang nakakapag-isip manghack at manlamang sa kanila dahil sila mismo na mga malalaking telcos sila ang nangunguna..

    sana linawin ng nila kung ano talaga ang ina advertise nila

  33. bucoi Avatar

    yan din ang problema ko ngaun akala ko nag iisa lang ako sa LTE Prepaid mabilis(daw?) one week lagi ako mag subscribe..nung una maganda..pero habang tumatagal yung 15-20mbps naging 50kbps pero yung upload pumapalo ng 15mbps..hindi yata tama na di na rreach yung minimum speed ng LTE ng mga subscriber..mga mabango lang mag salita mga telco na yan..pero ang serbiyo bulok..pero naka LTE prepaid pa din ako hanggang ngaun..hinihintay ko lang apply ko sa DSL..at tatapon ko na tala yan modem at sim card na yan

    1. angel Avatar

      hahaha natawa naman ako dito .grabe tawa ko hehe

  34. james Avatar

    akala ko ako lang ang nakaka-experience nito. sobrang nakaka-frustrate. 🙁 naka-ilang beses na din ako ng tawag sa smart at muntik ko na siguro masira ang phone ko sa pagsunod sa instruction nila, e yun naman pala sila talaga ang may problema.

  35. franky Avatar

    I don’t get why I can’t connect to 4g… I just bought a “lte powered” sim and a phone which is 4g capable. Yet since ivw bought the sim card, I never ha enough once 4g signal…. yet when I place my globe im, it does say 4g. Help?e

  36. jessie Avatar

    Explain ko sa inyo kung papaano gumagana ung scam nila:

    Minimum speed nila is 0mbps
    Maximum speed nila is 42mbps

    Advertised nila is “up to 42mbps”
    Meaning anything in between 0-42 is promised nila.

    Pag-inaccuse mo sila regarding dun sa speed. Un ang pinaka technical na sasabihin nila.

    Parang ganito lang yan eh.
    Sa mga sabon, sasabihin nila na 99% of germs na papatay nung sabon. Meaning na if may time na may germs na nakalusot, ang sasabihin lng nila “ay yan ung 1%”

    Same scam, different product.
    Although in this case, wala nmn masyadong nagrereklamo sa sabon dba? In short, mas matalino pa ung gumawa ng sabon kesa sa telcom

  37. macky Avatar

    I think NTC should do something on this! Philippines has slowest internet in southeast asia. http://technology.inquirer.net/35596/ph-has-slowest-internet-in-southeast-asia

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      I agree! And the amount of people that has dropped their comments here, testifying Smart’s inefficiency and lack of truth in advertising is enough proof.

  38. AkosiBernard Avatar

    I bought LTE sim last Feb 7, at first it was ok then for just 2 weeks it cannot detect any 4g.. I tried different tips I have read from the internet to optimize my signal but nothing magically nothing worked fine……….

    1. cloud91 Avatar

      Same here, any explanation on this?

  39. XZeke Avatar

    Had the LTE sim for quite sometime now. It was working well when I was in Manila but when I went to Dumaguete all hell broke loose. The LTE was good on the first week then after loading an ALLIN promo LTE couldnt be detected worse couldn’t make any calls or text. Called their service center but it has been more than 3 days now and still nothing.

    Funny was their service center called me up asking why I gave a 1 on their services. So I said my case, now waiting.

  40. gkal Avatar

    Okay, just like share my complaint. In the month of January 2o15 my smart lte pocket wifi was able to connect to 4g signal all day long until about half the month of February. At the time around Chinese new year my signal was now fluctuating from 4g to 3g and there were days that it would just connect to 3g all day long. A week after that i noticed that my signal does not only can’t connect to 4g but is now fluctuating from 3g to 2g. And take note I have 4 sims that I swap time to time to avoid being blocked by smart. What in the world is going on with smart, is their signal broke or something?? I payed good money to avail for lte signal but Im not getting it anymore. This is robbery! Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

  41. Latika Avatar

    wow something we can burst out our frustration… ok i happen to have my LTE smart bro plug-it dongle since August 2013 and i am one of the few that enjoy the internet fast speed connection with up to 15-20mbps although i ddnt reach up to the highest speed but the connection is fast enough that i could download almost 1Tb everymonth until such time they implement this FUP thing…

    i have this bad internet connection since then during those months so i try everything i could just to get proper internet connection… and here what i got from being 15mbps i only got less than 600kbps or worst… so it was soo frustrating that from soo hi-speed it went down too far.. my download speed will only get 10-15kb.. one thing i did was changing my sim like what everyone here was doing…and i always regsterd LTE995 everymonth in order to get cheapr cost.. well at first ive got these satisfaction feeling that even though my internet speed went so down but still the mb ddnt get me back to the highest speed and but its still fine with me. and so i bought 3-4 sims that i interchange from 1 to another..

    until suddenly this free internet from smart came in.. that whats the worst thing happen… from 4g now im connectng to a 3g internet connection and it was soo f(&^&%^*ng stupid like i want to break anything fragile in my house… how come we pay for these stupid connection. it was soo hard just to even get 500kbps for an internet that has LTE capable connection.. so once again i did my research looking for some people having the same case like mine… and there is one posted mention something about LTE prepaid… he said that after u registerd to LTE 50, 299 or 995 to 2200 u also have to send FREE to 9999 in order to get back the the old inet speed.. so i tried it one time and VIOLAAHHH it works… wow my internet got back to 5mbps so im at less satisfied again that it came back not that fast but at least i can manage it… and so during those times my internet suddnly drops down i always send FREE to 9999 to get it back…

    and here i saw february 28 was the last day for free internet of smart…. i wonder if our internet connection will get back to what it used to be… now that i cant send FREE to 9999 im back to these frustrating fu*&^&**&ng slow-speed internet connection… and i called earlier to smart TSR that they are having nationwide system change on there internet connection. i hope it includes LTE connection…. sorry for my long rant..

  42. romeo masday Avatar
    romeo masday

    After natapos na ang FREE 9999 trick hindi ko na mabypass yung speed ko to LTE speed, now balik to PAGONG na naman ang speed. Any new tricks?

  43. smart user Avatar
    smart user

    Hi everyone…. gusto ko bumili ng lte smartbro kit….
    Tapos nrin po ang freenet & Fb nila..
    hindi na po kaya magloloko ang signal sa 4g down to 3g.
    bibili pa po kya ako?
    Salamat po sa sasagot.

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      As of yesterday, my signal was not stable. From 4G nagiging H+ then I’d have to restart my modem to turn it back to 4G. 🙁 Nakakainis siya.

    2. raffy Avatar

      mas magand kung alamin mo muna kung stable ba signal ng 4g sa lagar nyo,
      pero para saken kung ikukumpara sya ibang internet connection like globe,bayandsl, pldt etc.
      nakakalungkot mang sabihin pero smart lte na talaga pinaka ok gamitin.
      lalo na yung pldt umaabot ng buwan bago maayos yung problem nyo.

      yes marami din naman reklamo sa smart lte pero naayos naman, lalo na kung alam mo kalikutin yung settings

      karamihan kase sa mga nagrereklamo, di nag se-seareach, basta magagalit na lang tapos gagawa ng blog na ganito.

      basta search mo lang about APN, tapos yung lugar nyo kung stable ba signal, yung sim mas ok kung bibili ka sa smart mismo wag sa tabi tabi,

  44. Kozé Avatar

    Yung sakin, LTE Jump in Sim Card. Nag reg ako ng LTE50 kagabi, around 11:58pm. Kaninang 6am, wala nang internet. Kahit 2g hindi na makaconnect. Walang data na dumadating. Hindi lumalabas yung 2g/H+/4g sa signal bar. Anong kalokohan yon?

    1. ash Avatar

      Hi, same case sakin. Nakailang tawag na ko sa cust service pero until now di pa nafix. Tuwing magfollow up ako, closed na daw yong ticket for my case pero di pa naman nafix yong issue ko since wala pa din ako internet. Ano ginawa mo?

  45. minzy Avatar

    tanong ko lang, May alam ba kayo if gumagana ba ang latest na smartbro sim sa dating smartbro plugit. taong 2010 ko ito nabili. ok pa naman sya pero yung sim nagkaka problema na gasgas na. kaya siguro madalas akong ma disconnect pero ok yung connection nya.
    Im from Mindanao pala.

  46. juius Avatar

    same here fucking smart LTE,at first try it was fast and then after a week of using it,it bacame a pain in the ass

  47. Jonel Avatar

    I have been a Smart LTE user since early 2013. Here’s my experience: IT’S BEEN INTERMITTENT and UNRELIABLE. Whether you are in a place with LTE coverage, you will NEVER ever get a stable signal. It’s now 2015 and things have gotten worse. I can only get 4G at dawn. By around 7AM onwards, LTE signal is gone. It’s either 3G, 2G or NONE at all. Hah! So much for LTE.

    Globe is no different. The promised speed is NEVER achieved, much like Smart’s. All of their advertisements promise awesome speeds but in two years switching back and forth between Globe and Smart, I never reached a speed nearing 20MBps despite having powerful devices and despite the presence of coverage.

    While I was traveling to the US, I was shocked at the disparity of LTE speed that one can get anytime of the day and it was reliable. It was speedy that I could get upwards of 20MBps anytime.

    What does this tells us? That Smart and Globe LTE in the Philippines SUCKS.

    What is the NTC doing? Puro FALSE ADVERTISING ang parehong Smart at Globe.

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar
  48. Nancy Avatar

    na experience ko rin. yan almost 4 months ko ginagamit yung smart 4G. but now 2 days na.. naka 3g nalang.. huhuuh. grabe.. if ever ba papalitan ko nang sim card mag 4G na kaya sya ulit.. hindi pa kasi ako nag try

  49. AmadeusGL Avatar

    This is still going on even today and even far more annoying than ever.
    We got passed the ‘free internet’ scheme of Smart, ngayon meron nanaman and it is much much more unstable. Welcome free internet via Internet.org ever since this service came up napaka unstable ng smart as in you’ll get no internet for like a day or two napakaswerte mo na if magkaron ka ng stable 100kb/s internet for a day. Gumigising ako ng maaga everyday to make the most out of this crappy internet and yet di pa rin ganon kabilis.

    However, It’s a hopeless case, kahit magreklamo tayo ng magreklamo about our internet they won’t listen. Corporate greed at its finest.

    In conclusion, either we stick to Smart or switch to Globe which has slightly less crappy internet with capping but far more stable.

    1. Ralph Avatar

      Tama . Im using LTE995 and I am smart postpaid
      I used to have 4Gconnection then 1 week ago bigla akong nawalan ng connection mula 5 ng hapon hanggang kinabukasan ng umaga, when I called smart about this their axcuse is nagkaron dw sila ng unexpected system enhancement . then nung bumalig ung connection ko 3G nalng hanggang ngaun kaya nag seach ako kung may same case ba ng sakin tpos nabasa ko tong comment mo 🙁

      malamang nga dahil to sa internet.org nila

  50. asd Avatar

    Cheap Ass Crap SMART, MVP is GAY for not playing it fair

  51. jadekalbz Avatar

    Registered ako sa LTE 299 and maeexpire yung subscription ko on April 15 and I think I am experiencing the same issues like those who posted here. Hindi ako makaconnect sa LTE even I have a signal of LTE in my area. Mukhang hanggang sa matapos yung promo ko wala na akong LTE network. One time bigtime lang yung LTE connection, on the first 24 hours lang. kabwiset ire!

  52. Leonard Avatar

    I haven’t really experienced what you guys are talking about. I bought an LTE kit last year in April and it was awesome. Speed was great and reliable where I vacation (Iloilo City). On occasion, I would visit Metro Manila every few weeks and I found that it was just as fast and the signal was even more widespread.

    I wasn’t in the Philippines when they had the free internet promo, but I’m sure it affected performance negatively. However, when I came back here in March 2015, I loaded my old LTE sim and also bought a new LTE sim for another pocket wifi I brought with me. So far, as of this moment (April 21, 2015), both of my LTE sims/pocket wifis are performing great.

    I don’t get disconnected from 4G or downgraded to 3G, even here in Iloilo where the 4G wasn’t as widespread last year. I stream a lot of my programming from my cable provider in the US since it’s included for free (I use Comcast Xfinity TV in the US) and that means I eat up gigabytes everyday. I probably use between 5-10gb everyday. I am not getting throttled at all. Both of my LTE sims are being used because I lent one of them to my brother because he’s also vacationing here. I just came back from Manila yesterday and during the 4 days I spent there the performance was just as great.

    1. Leonard Avatar

      Also just FYI, one of my pocket wifis is the Alcatel model that Smart used in 2014 (the one with the charging dock). The other one is a Huawei that I bought in the US. Obviously, the Smart one is not openline while the Huawei one is unlocked. Both perform on Smart’s network similarly for me.

      1. CouchWasabi Avatar

        Hi I also have 2 modems: Alcatel with dock and a huawei E5372 modem, both are performing in H+ at our home when it used to be a fast 4G at 19mbps

  53. Carl Christian Avatar
    Carl Christian

    same experience here. effin’ not so smart.

  54. Carl Christian Avatar
    Carl Christian

    same experience here. effin’ not so smart.

  55. Chloe Avatar

    I used to experience this during the times that smart’s free internet is still in going. It really sucks!
    I want to change network provider for good but I have no choice since no other network than Smart does have a great signal on our place. So I have to be patient.

    Now, I’ve bought new LTE SIM and fortunately, it consistently working good. Hopefully, they won’t implement free internet again! In goodness sake!

  56. Dave L Avatar
    Dave L

    thats the problem here there is no one to hold the bastards to account! they keep taking the money and give little in return! their needs to be someone with enough money to take a class action against these towering giants! No accountability, say what ever they like via advertising misleading and false claims, ect. It will happen one day and they need to be hit hard where it hurts. The governments agency should be the one who pursues them, but it will never happen, because no doubt they are funding their political campaigns. Like most things here in this great country nothing works!

  57. superman Avatar

    this is the worst. i bought smartbro lte 4 days ago and now i’m getting 0.16 to 0.20 mbps speed , i cant even load my fb account. damn smart this is a big bullcrap

  58. Minion Avatar

    I worked in Telecom long before this LTE was introduced to Philippines. LTE means LONG TERM EVOLUTION. It will give you the fastest internet connection available in your area. But it will switch to lower connection if the 4G (as fastest speed) is not available in your area… LTE provides Multi-tasking Capability to devices but doesnt mean giving you or maintaining your connection in 4G… It was first applied to Mobile Devices. As for example, Before LTE was introduced when you are surfing the internet then suddenly you received phone call, your mobile data will stop working… but when you have LTE device, sim and connection that wont happen.. you can receive call while your mobile continue to receive data…

    I am explaining that to you guys because most of my filipino colleague doesnt understand LTE at all…

    1. Mak Oro Avatar
      Mak Oro

      Nice explanation. And do you understand our frustrations? We pay the right amount for the service they offer. Is your post even relevant to the topic here?

      1. Tain Avatar

        haha no he’s the typical filipino that wants to just show off the limited knowledge of what he knows about LTE but nothing relevant to the ACTUAL topic hahahaha

  59. Mai Casanguan Avatar

    i’m using smartbro prepaid,the only problem is i cannot connect to the internet even my siganl is 4g this happens every night.

  60. dhineroque Avatar

    Same as mine. I’ve been using LTE smart pocketwifi for a month. LTE is a pain in the ass indeed. Thought its a fast connection to the internet. But the hell, its just a waste of money! My pocketwifi is just stocked now somewhere and useless

  61. Mike Oh Avatar
    Mike Oh

    Same here. I bought the priciest pocket wifi they had which promises up to 42mbps. I even bought an antenna which boosted my 4g signal from 2 bars to 3-4 from where I live (Tipolo, Cebu). I’ve never been impressed though because the signal constantly fluctuates from 4g to 3g (usually twice a week). It hasn’t really been a problem because it goes back to 4g usually after a couple of hours. But recently it has been fluctuating even more. Sometimes 2-4 times a day and it’s a pain in the ass especially when I’m at home and have nothing else to do. I long for a time when we get what we pay for in this country… *cough taxes

    1. JeckAriesG Avatar

      I had similar issue with my Smart LTE prepaid which I used on my Samsung S4. At first it was blazing fast but then when they stared giving out free Internet to anyone who’s subscribed to Smart and Sun, it fell down to 3Mbps from 20. And there was a time they did cut my Data even im still subscribed to P995 or 1 month.

  62. Cristian Fano Avatar

    I had this same issue i loaded P50.00 just for a day usage but in just about 5 hours my signal was gone neither 3g and 2g was available. Untill now the sim that i used with P50.00 load is now invalid and unable to connect to smart internet, unable to call or text… As a consumer of smart product i think smart telecom blatantly violated our right as a consumer…. we should report this to DTI and NTC… there are thousands of us who have the same issue…

  63. K Web Designer Avatar

    Having issue on smart.. why I’m not able to send to 9999? please help.

  64. Reyan Avatar

    Eto nangyare din saken to siguro last year lang mga march 2014 nabili ko yung y800ma ko at first sobrang bilis ng connection sarap gamitin and then bago matapos yung taon hinde na 4g connection ko puro h+ na lang na sobrang bagal naman tnry ko na din baguhin ng baguhin yung mga settings wala naman nabago di pa din nag 4g connection ko ang bagsak ko bumili ko bg bagong lte sim ayun balik si 4g nakakaloko naman diba nagsasayang tayo ng pera kalokohan yung smart fair policy shit nila!

  65. bnarvasa Avatar

    telco’s better not to call them unlisuft, unli lte. but better to call that cap 1.5, cap 3 and etc. this a totally poor service from them and better to lower the rate in each subscription.

  66. immortal Avatar

    well, i have experienced all of the above. slow speed, capping, throttling, and locking of internet connection. some tricks from the internet managed to solve some issues and headaches. however, recently a new problem emerged. after subscribing to lte and using for hours(usually 3-4), suddenly my connection drops, no connection at all then it connects to 2g. once its 2g network it will never revert back to either 3g or 4g. for those who doesn’t know, 2g connection is only good for texting/calling etc. You can also manage internet but its slow, very VERY SLOW. its like your riding an ant to go to the kingdom of far far away. yeah I’m exaggerating but you get the idea. Some may say its better than nothing at all, but hey! most of you complain about 4g to 3g connection how much more if its 3g to 2g! ironic right?. but there is catch, this frustration only last for 1 day. why? because the next day its back to 4g/3g. i want you guys to know that this doesn’t happen to me a lot but it happens nonetheless. like today its Saturday peak usage of internet because there is no “school” to be busy on. its happening to my lte right now as i speak.
    Is this an intentional doing of smart? i dont know.
    is this a bug from the network? probably? still no idea
    AM I FRUSTRATED? HELL YEAH FUC**** SMARTASS DAM*** YOU (*&**&*&^%$^%&^&*%&%$)

    afterall these complaints and dissatisfaction issues not to mention the article stating that our country has the poorest internet… ouCH!, still! “no act to improve” from smart , globe or other networks for that matter. if you think lte here is fast think again, Philippines is just catching up from the rest of the world. i have been abroad and i guarantee the internet there is blazing fast and headache free. so when will that innovative change comes here? if a tenfold leap from other counties is equivalent to a half crawl here?… and yeah mahal din and internet saatin *(^*&(&*(*(*(%&*(^&*%^&*%(*(^&*(%

  67. tobuyornottobuylte Avatar

    Okay pa rin ba bumili ng lte pocket wifi ng smart worth php 3495 despite the comments involved in this article? 😐 Tomas morato qc area.

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Tomas morato, as I remember is okay naman. Pero don’t expect fast Internet.

  68. Elaine Avatar

    Ugh. Yeah, this is frustrating. I experienced the same with my prepaid and broadband a few months ago. When I first started using LTE, I was really happy with how fast my internet is. Everyday, I would register to LTE50. But one day, after an hour of surfing the internet, I was surprise that I couldn’t connect at all (there was no 4G or H+ or even E). It was sudden, so I thought, maybe it was just a few hours glitch… so I went to sleep, and when I woke up, I still don’t have a connection. I had to reset my APN to default, and my connection came back, unfortunately, I’m stuck at 3G. I went to my town’s Customer Service but after they change things on my APN, nothing happened. After they got my information and number, they told me to come back in 24hours… I was dumbfounded. That means I wasted my money to just an hour of internet. I didn’t return because my 4G is back again after my 24hours unli ended. I was sulking. But that also means I can connect to 4G again. And after a few days, I went to LTE 299 to save money. Unfortunately, I again encountered the problem of no connection after a few hours. Customer Service was useless. Twitter Customer Service was useless. They don’t know what to do. They just keep telling me to comeback after 24hours and other times after 2 days. I was not able to use my 1 week LTE. (Smart called me for some survey about the problem, but since I was busy at that time, they said they’ll call me back but they never did. I remember my sister saying the same thing…) I was stubborn, so I still keep registering to LTE50 and after a few months of using my sim, now whatever I do, my sim will not connect to the internet. I tried putting it on other devices (also phones that does not support LTE), but it was no use. -_- I couldn’t even change my sim now because I can’t change my number so soon again. Also, I already have 3 LTE sims (bro and prepaid). >:(

    (I also realized that everytime I register to 299, the same thing keeps on happening)

    Fortunately, I haven’t encountered this recently (its been over a month already). But I had to buy a new phone for my official prepaid sim. Ugh I was planning on registering to 995 but this article kinda reminded my of my experience a few months ago that now I’m kinda skeptical…

  69. maynard Avatar

    still working!! 99% try and tested. .

    if nterested kyu for bugsim sim good for 90 days to 100days try and tested, no capping
    up to 42mbps max speed. visit my blog, you can contact me also 09468237108,


    also selling wimax modem, 4g lte modem, and mac address. .

  70. unknow Avatar

    My Smart bro Pocker Wifi can’t connect to my Laptop, it says limited connectivity even though no other connected device. I decided to throw it away and go with Globe due to bad Customer Service.

  71. Aya Avatar

    haay naku same tayo ng problema, akala ko nga pag LTE okay na eh, grabe kakainis ang bagal ganun din ang globe noh. Na try ko na yung modem nila and at the same time yung LTE Prepaid Sim, goodness lord ang babagal minsan 1 week straight pa akong wala halos connection. Grabe ang trabaho ko online wala na halos kitain dahil sa connection ng smart.

  72. zedefina Avatar

    does this mean RIP to my number? shucks!

  73. Frustrated too Avatar
    Frustrated too

    I’m unsure if this is the same problem as mine, but I’m also getting the same problem with my pocket wifi. Does that also explain why the problem only ever shows up around the peak hours at night? At night I have a better chance of loading facebook by telepathically commanding my laptop than to use the damned wifi, but in the morning before I leave the house and I decide to browse or play music the damned thing can stream 2 videos at once without buffering either one and in good quality. Sorry if my comment turns out to be irrelevant I’m just looking for something to shed some light on my situation.

  74. K.Solana Avatar

    my laptop can’t access any websites even though it’s connected to my smart pocket wifi. And it always says limited connection. Nakakainis! Sarap pukpukin ng martilyo!! Kung kailan you need it the most!

  75. Mobile Woes Avatar
    Mobile Woes

    Smart ate 999 worth of load and blocked my sim just after I availed the month LTE promo… Good job smart.

  76. rena Avatar

    I can relate much to this blog. VERY SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME when this free internet shit came out! until now, my device which is the same as the one on the photo has not worked the way it was before. I had to get a new SIM just to get 4G and then for an hour or so it downgrades to 3G. DON’T BUY LTE DEVICES.

  77. Paul Avatar

    May tanong lang ako kung san ang mas hindi bwisit sa dalwa? LTE o UNLISURF? Nung last 3years of using smart internet siguro tong 2015 ang pinaka bwiset na connection puro dc panay reconnect ko ng modem. Nakakagago na talaga!

  78. ZiroHack Avatar

    I did the same thing. I have tried to subscribe Unlimited Surfing Promos from both Smart and Globe sims. But unfortunately, I received a poor services in their surfing promos during the subscription. I feel like I’m being deceived by these poor, stupid, and cheap companies like Globe & Smart. They are operating over a decade and can you imagine why can’t they find a solution with this matter? Whoever run or operates these companies are stupid and swindlers. I wish them a huge drop of their business like how their internet speed goes down.

    1. johncuajr Avatar

      tama. . amen . . justice! ! !

  79. mychibi Avatar

    balik muna kayo sa 3g/hspa, para hinde masayang yung mga load ninyo. I am using 3g/hspa and I am getting 4.5/1.8 dito sa malabon, kaya lng smart doesn’t assign you a public ip, private ip lang ang ibinibigay ng smart, ganuon din ang globe.

  80. Edgar Avatar

    This is the same case as my globe postpaid. I am only getting 3g HSPA+ signal in LTE areas with an LTE Device. I tried both(globe&smart) prepaid as well with the same results. I can’t believe it. I even replaced my LTE sim. Is there nothing we can do about this? I am a good payer and I am receiving below of what I paid for.

    This is a total rip-off.

  81. Tkstunner Avatar

    Putang ina…nakakabwesit na sa kakatawag at kakafollow up ng status ko sa LTE CONNECTION ko sa SMART.. Since August 10 till now no improvement WHAT THE HECK! Seriously THIS MOTHERFUCKERS are all criminals your stealing money from people who want the best from there INTERNET CONNECTION!! ? ? ? SMART THE LEADER ON MOBILE MONEY HACKING!?!

  82. Dray Avatar

    Its August 14, 2015, and its been a fxckin’ week since I had an LTE connection. Smart cust service reps hangs up on you when you call or pretend that they don’t hear anyone on the line. Fxckin’ frustrating. This is not the first time this happened. Scammers. I WANT MY MONEY’S WORTH.

  83. MARCO Avatar


  84. romel Avatar

    panu ba i fix ang 3254 error

  85. romel Avatar
  86. CL Avatar

    You were still fortunate you were able to able to use your 4G sim for months. I experienced LTE for just 5 DAYS. Then it was gone. Forever. Dang it smart.

  87. gene Avatar

    same lng nangyari saken, ng load ako ng lte 50 regularly, pero nung ngstart na free net, nakablock na sim, ayaw ko sa globe kc mahina, sa smart lte kasi sa net dati na na experience ko n mabilis, pero this year, lalo lumala, hindi na ako makanet. taggap lang ngbtanggap ng payment ang smart pero di dinedeliver. mga erset. andami ko na sim,

  88. Uma Arte Avatar
    Uma Arte

    I threw away my smart wifi and got cable Internet with 1mbps speed. I still do not understand why 1mbps cable works faster than “upto” 42 mbps pocket wifi? Can someone please tell me…nasaan ang hustisya?

    1. MeSH Avatar

      Based on my experience(dating wired internet users) ma-enjoy mo lng yan in 2-4 months after nyan ma experienced mo n ung sobrang bagal ng net.

  89. Monique Zeng Avatar

    I bought a sim last 2 months ago and it work really great. But then when I loaded it with unlisurf 200 na 5 days unlimited dapat sya, instead hindi pa siya umabot ng 5 days nagkaconnection failed agad ako. Bumili nanaman ako ulit ng 2nd sim tas niloadan ko siya ng unlisurf 200 ulit, but this time hindi umabot ng 2 days nagka-connection failed naman ako. Kaya ngayon, nabibwisit na ako.

  90. derp Avatar

    Its kind of unfair that a friend of mine is using a LTE sim and the speed of his net is much more faster than mine and another friend of mine. We were joking maybe its favoritism since that friend of mine is from the states.. Anyhow, its kinda sad though.. I just bought this and it didn’t even reach one month yet and the speed already is terrible! Its really frustrating that Im forcing myself to stay awake the whole night just to compare how fast the speed in night and day time.
    And it made me realize something.. I said to myself..
    “Fuck this shitty of a sim! I’ll just register my plain sim card to unlisurf 50! Its speed is just the same from my old broadband speed”

  91. wendy rose santillan Avatar
    wendy rose santillan

    The reason why i switched to globe..

    1. Drei Avatar

      Ma’am sensya noob lang. D po kasi ako sigurado kung pano magregister sa prepaid LTE ng globe. Ask ko lang po sana kita baka may idea ka. Yung GoSurf po ba ung pra sa LTE o ung Supersurf? Ty po in andvance!

  92. kirk Avatar

    pano yung sakin mga sir . 4g steady nga yung lumalabas pero pag ng speed test ka0.75 lmlabas tpos up is 0.2 ngyom 4g pa din sya sayang lte 995 ko 3 days pa lang ganito na

  93. Vans Avatar

    Pano na yan, bibili pa ba ako? Nakakadismaya naman. Bakit yung kakilala ko ang ganda naman ng connection sa kanya. Wala daw siya’ng problema so far. Bakit ganon sa iba, pangit. 🙁

    -From Cebu

    1. MeSH Avatar

      Base sa mga naririnig ko sir.. Depende yan sa SIM….

      May nagsabi kasi saken dito na maswerte ung mga user na makabili ng SIM na maka connect lagi sa magandang connection…. at ISA na ako doon… I’m almost a YEAR smart bro user and nakakadownload ako using IDM sa speed na 100 kbps – 300 kbps sa umaga hanggang gabi… pad dating ng 3am to 7am umaabot ng 500 kbps to 1mbps and download ko at ONE time nasa cebu ako naka tyamba ako ng 2mbps download speed for only 10mins :D…. ngaun nadetect na ng SMART na heavy user ang SIM ko at nagkaka problema na… base sa dashboard ng pocket wifi… Connected sya with 3-4 bars pero pang nag PING ako sa Command Prompt ang reply eh Request Timeout… tas after couple of minutes nag kaka connection… PERO pag nag start na aq mag open ng browser syempre nag Re-request timeout sya…. So para saken binablock na ng SMART ang SIM ko… Plano ko tawagan ang SMART para inconfirm kung tlaga bang nag block na sila ng SIM.

      – From Leyte

  94. Eduman Avatar

    They have a way to tunnel our network connection. Sa umpisa lang mabilis, then papaliitin nila ng papaliitin yung bandwidth hanggang sa makunsumi na tayo. x_x

  95. Terry Avatar

    Dami pla my problem dito kay Smart! Kung ako senyo, bili na lang kayo ng sim ni sir Amaral na nasa taas lang netong forum.My kamahalan piro Lifetime Free na po kayo at tested na ng pinsan ko yung sLTE sim nya.My actual proof naman sakaling duda kayo kaya malakas din loob ko bumli sa knya.

  96. Silver Avatar

    ahaha what a shame… Smart starting to get sucks****

  97. Jo Avatar


  98. Dexter Avatar

    Nakakabwisit na ung smart. Letseng Philippine Government ito. Hindi na nga tau kayang protektahan sa presyo ng langis pati sa load hindi kaya. B7wagin nyo na ung NTC at DOE. sana may pumasok na lang na ibang international telco sa pilipinas kahit galing pa sa china tapos isara na nila ung pldt at globe. Buwisit. Unlisurf daw pero my cap.

  99. rhamy bawit Avatar
    rhamy bawit

    sakin naman po problem ko . sa samsung phone ang bilis ng internet . pero sa isa kong phone na huawei kahit fb di ko mabuksan :3 ano gagawin ko dito?

  100. Pissed one Avatar
    Pissed one

    I’ve been using Smart Bro 4G pocket wifi and it seems so useless. I can’t upload any photo on my I.G and i can’t even play videos on youtube. My data connection is better than that annoying pocket wifi. I’m so disappointed.

  101. jinggu Avatar

    more than a year n naming ginagamit ang power plug-it, and we only avail for the unlisurf promos at wala namang problema pero this past weeks ay hindi kami makapag-internet, nakaconnect xa pero walang maload n mga websites at kapansin pansin n di n mkpgsurf pagdating ng tanghali tapos babalik nlng ng midnight
    di namin alam kung me sira b ung plug-it or nsa smart n talaga? help…

  102. ann nawal Avatar
    ann nawal

    nakakabwesit talaga ang smart! i just bought an lte internet sim and automatically availed the unlisurf995 good for 30 daysbut after one day hindi na ako makapagsurf…if magbrowse ako ng site mareredirect ako sa website ng smart and it says i have an insufficient balance but if magbabalance inquiry ako it says valid pa hanggang one month ang unlisurf ko.what the heck is going on with smart?i’ve tried to consult a costume service sa smart center pero d parin na solve.sayang naman ang 995 na naload ko d rin nagamit.tssskkkkk….

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Getting in touch with their customer service has no added value. They’re of very little help. I would agree with what others have commented na chambahan ng sim. I have changed so many smart bro LTE prepaid sim and it’s really a hit or miss. One thing to note, never load up 1k and avail unlisurf995 muna. Register per day, and if okay yung speed bago ka na magregister for 1 month.

  103. Raoul Avatar

    Hi guys tanong lang po ako if this trick still works as off today? Balak ko mag buy nf sim at usb ng smary and do this.Visayas area here. Thanl you.

  104. robles Avatar

    sir pano yon i load 200 and register unlisurf and then it went down or dead di na sya makaconnect sa inter net that was for 5 days tapo 2 day ko lang nagamit nagdodownload kasi ako. na ban bako ? pano kapag nagload ulit ako gagana pa ba to gamit ko pocket wifi tapos LTE na sim unlisurf 200 nairegister ko.

  105. lendell Avatar

    Kala ko ako lang may ganitong problema,kakaexpire lang ng lte995 ko kanina.The day after ako nagsuscribe mawala na connection,tumawag ako sa smart inescalate nung agent,nagkaroon kinabukasan.After 2 days nawala ulit,halos every other day nawawala for 8-12 hrs.Last wk araw araw na nawawalan,naka 6 na supervisor na ako:kenneth,albert,jeff,kat,kyle at vince.Okay naman cla pero unfortunately di naayos issue ko puro escalation lang daw magagawa nila(gumawa ng ticket).Magrerequest daw cla ng load reversal para sa akin sabi ni tl albert kanina,humihingi ako mngr pero wala din daw magagawa mngr nila kasi support daw nila ang may problema.Kinoconsolidate daw nila lahat ng may parehong isyu para maayos.

  106. Mitch Avatar

    I’m also experiencing the same thing. I’m working online and dahil sa kapalpakan ng Smart, I have no choice but to stop. I’m getting LTE signal, however, when I work using Skype I always get drop outs. Anybody here who has any idea kung saan to pwede e.report? Wala use yung pagtawag sa Smart, they will say the same shit over and over and over and over again! I’m very frustrated na talaga. Can we file something sa government to improve the internet service in our country? This is so hopeless. 🙁

    PS. I’m from Cebu area

  107. smart hater Avatar
    smart hater

    smart networks sucks!! full of shit and hopeless. services are soooo poor!!!

  108. Melanie Relova Avatar

    we just bought again the newest smart pocket wiwfi .. but unfortunately it slower than our previous one

  109. james Avatar

    ganun din ako 🙁 bkit kpg ang contract ay LTE pero nakakasagap k ng 4g at 3g pero kpg ang contract mo ay 4g or 3g wala kang msagap na LTE? 😀 cnu b may ari ng smart at ng mapatay? anyway meron ng new net na 100mbps ang name ay telstra? gawa ito ng australian amerikan so abangan nlng natin sa 2016! magsilipat na tyo! wioooooo

  110. Jauder Kilabata Avatar
    Jauder Kilabata

    Smart is stealing money and nobody cares. Those assholes supposed to be jailed making millions & giving nothing back. Philippines is the worst in internet and fucking expensive.
    Throw stones in smart service windows with a note FUCK YOU THIEF!!! GIVE US SPEED FOR OUR MONEY!!!!
    How can big corporation do this without punishment?

    I heard there is an australian corporation coming to compete Smart/PLDT
    Great news!!! There is hope for something better. Welcome soon as possible!
    DIE in your greed PLDT!!!

    Just wondering who would give a permission for competition in a country full of monopols. Maybe it is just a dream?

  111. Melanie Relova Avatar

    un din po ang plano namin lilipat na kame sa telstra pero isususgurado muna namin na may signal dito sa place namin province kasi ito .. 🙁

    kung hindi patay at mag titiis nanaamn kame sa mabagal na net ng smart

  112. voorhees Avatar

    Nakabwisit na talaga. Dami ko ng prepaid sim na nabili, punyeta tag P40 isa for internet purpose lang sana after a week wla ng 3g signals. Kakabwisit talaga. SMART FUCK YOU VERY MUCH.


  113. Serwin Avatar

    yung smart pocket wifi ko e ayaw na kumonek sa laptop ko, nakaunli surf yun for 7 days. sadlife di ko man lang naenjoy yung niload ko 🙁 i tried to rest it to factory setting but still ganun pade, my sister call to smart’s customer sevice at sabi e sa sim daw ang problema yung problema like what the fuck di ko naman tinatanggal yung sim nun sa mismong device -.-” nakakabwisit lang kasi pahirapan pa yung line sa customer service nila.

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      you’d have to go to a smart wireless center and have your sim changed.

  114. Liss Ong Avatar

    Hi Good Day Everyone!
    I have a friend who has a smartbro prepaid sim he got 0 balance and it blocks all incoming calls..It says when I call his number”the subscriber you are calling maybe reached through text messaging” I hve been sending txt messages but he doesn’t get it either. Help pls so I can advice him what to do.

  115. Justin Avatar

    Hi there.

    Yeah you’re right. I also wished I thought twice before buying a Smart LTE modem.
    I frequently get disconnected every other day for around 2 hours or so in Mandaluyong area (an urban area?) where coverage is supposed to be at its best.

    After a few more disconnections, I decided to get a Globe modem.

    Smart sometimes has a good connection, but isn’t very reliable.
    Globe has high reliability, but the cost is staggering.

    Still no perfect network here in the Philippines.


  116. Jonas Avatar

    Ah yes, the good old days of 2013-2014 when Smart’s LTE is really fast, almost like having a fibre connection. I can still remember download speeds of 20-30mbps. Fast forward to today, we’re lucky to be able to have 1/4 of that speed on current LTE networks. Using free VPN apps on my phone and on my PC somewhat solves the “throttling” problem. I still use the Unlimited LTE for 30 days though.

    On a side note, without the VPN apps, I can watch Netflix and YouTube clips fine. Just goodluck with Facebook, P2Ps, and general downloading.

  117. SaveMeTelstra Avatar

    Maganda to kaso yung una Kong sim eh na blocked due to heavy download, so bumili ako ng bago at di na nag da download ang problema ko lang, lagi akong na d disconnect SA mga online games kahit 26 Mbps ang binibigay sakin.

  118. amee Avatar

    Well, I am using smart usb plug in, and I regret ever purchasing the promos of buy one take one of their stupid cards. I actually purchase so many cards since it’s buy one take one. But now I regret it and I can’t even find anyone that will actually buy it. Nobody wants SMART, they all say it’s garbage and waste of money. If I use it it is very slow as in snail talaga. And they keep texting me that I already consumed my promo and the stupid fair share whatever. They will cut off my signal and it will no longer work even for an email or facebook. Then they will offer me to pay for big bytes again another panloloko promo. Then if I purchase once I open youtube and just searching for something even if I haven’t seen the video it will automatically eat up the big byte load, I am still looking but not yet watching as in just opening the video will eat up the load, then they will text me again that i have consumed my fucking promo again. Wow mas malaki babayaran mo kesa sa skybroadband o pldt, as in ilang libo isang buwan ba ang gusto nilang limasin sa mga tao. Mukang pera ang Globe at smart, mawawalan din sila ng customer soon. People are now realizing that smart is greedy and manloloko kaya lahat tinapon na ang stick nila. No wonder wala akong mabentahan ng punyetang stick at card nila. walang me gusto kasi basura lang. Why will you call it unlimited kung me limit naman pala. Mas mura pa internet sa USA at mas mabilis pa. Mabagal na nga mahal pa at me limit, bulok talaga smart and globe. Now my problem is who will buy this cards and stick and for me to just be able to get cable internet na lang sinung tanga bibili nito now that everyone knows this is rubbish how can I sell this para mabawi ang pera. My sister said ” uto uto ka kasi kaya sila nagpromo kasi walang me gusto nyan kaya buy one take one lols. “

  119. Werner Avatar

    I have a negative experience with SMART LTE Surf Max Plus. I have tried the 1 day, 7 day, and 30 day prepaid plans. What I have observed is that when I sign up for the 1 day I get an LTE signal on my iPhone 5s but only 3G when I sign up for the 7 day and 30 day. I raised hell and re-opened the case twice during the 7 day period. They sent me a text message towards the end of the 7 day period saying the issue was resolved but in fact was not. I was still getting 3G instead of LTE. I signed up for the 1 day LTE and sure enough I got an LTE signal. After expiration, I signed up for the 30 day plan and to my surprise I was only getting 3G. In every instance I have done the usual troubleshooting measures of clearing cache, restarting phone, etc. But it has become apparent that the problem is with SMART and not my phone. I raised hell again with customer support today. I was contacted some hours after my initial call while I was at the office. I was told that I should restart my phone as they had “modified” my account. I restarted my phone as instructed and I started seeing a strong LTE signal on my phone. I told the agent that I will check again when I get home as the LTE signal where I work is usually choppy due to buildings around the area. When I tried to clarify what the problem was the agent could only tell me that there was a “technical problem” with my account/profile and that they had to modify something to try and resolve it. For now, I’m not sure If I will continue to use their service.

    For those having problems with prepaid LTE. Try to troubleshoot first by doing the following: 1. make sure your in an area with a strong LTE signal 2. clear your phone’s cache (check your user manual on how to do this or online) 3. and lastly, restart your phone. If the above does not resolve the issue, raise hell with customer support and make sure to be clear and simple about your description of the problem. What I mean by “clear and simple” is that even a child in elementary school can understand. Otherwise, you may prolong your pain due to a simple misunderstanding of the problem.

    1. The Deaf Mute Avatar

      That would be a very good advise – leave Smart.
      But where else can we go – Globe is the same brand of crap like Smart – two heads of the same coin if you ask me to describe the two of them.

  120. Chris Sy Avatar
    Chris Sy

    They always bar my internet. I keep wasting my time calling their customer service. They keep on giving me reference numbers and I keep on giving them those too whenever I call. SmartBRO sucks. It eats up credits too.

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      TBH, your sim is good as garb. Dont subscribe na to smart. You’ll get decent data speed only when you are on Smart Infinity.

  121. Nona Avatar

    We should SUE the SMART company for the poor service they provide. They advertise that they are the leading communication provider, but they’re really NOT. They provide FALSE marketing to lure the ignorant customer into their trap! collect your internet speed log data and keep it with the plan (postpaid or prepaid) you are using. The together we will present this to the court hearing when needed to prove the lousy service!

  122. Nona Avatar

    If you don’t have a heart problem or hypertension or highblood pressure problem, you will start to have it because of the SMART lousy and poor network service!

  123. Glerol Abad Avatar
    Glerol Abad

    SMART BRO LTE POCKET WIFI SUCKS!!! sa una lang mabilis pero pag tumatagal mabagal na..Limited pa ung data to 800MB..Grabe mahal ng bayad sa load pero di ka masasstisfied..Npakabilis pa uminit ng Pocket Wifi..SURFMAX daw pero limited naman..Sayang lang tlga pera na pinambili ko..Kaya wag po kayo bibili nito….

  124. Romer Avatar

    Mas mabilis pa yata dial up. Smart lte pocket wifi sucks. Last load ko n to sa smart. Pwede ba sila ireklamo sa NTC

    1. cool_sniper Avatar

      Pwede sila ireklamo. Specially now good timing because PDU30 warned the telcos to improve their service.

  125. hehe Avatar

    mabuti pa sa ibang bansa mabilis ang internet, dito sa tin ang bagal talaga, kaya nga kapag sinabi LTE ang alam ng mga tao ay mabilis yun at kaya nga sinabi UNLIMITED ay wala limit yun…..bakit binabagalan nila ang connection habang nagtatagal at kelan nagkaroon ng limit ang salita UNLIMITED, ano yun para patikim lang, sa panahon natin ngayon dapat mabilis na internet natin lalo na dun sa mga pamilya na may nagtatrabaho sa abroad para makontak sila araw-araw

  126. james morrison Avatar
    james morrison

    Hahaha, I’m also against that fucking smart services, I bought that Smartbro LTE pocket wifi. When I use it for the very first time I’m having of at least 10-30mbps. After some weeks have past I now only getting 0.5-0.17mbps. But I’ve found a way of how to surf again with that speed before or I mean when to surf to experience that speed again.

    So now, the things I’ve made before finding it out
    1. I have root my android.-didn’t work
    2. I use so many different DNS(hurricane DNS,Norton,Comcast,level 3, open DNS, etc)–didn’t work again fuck..
    3. I bought an antenna for my pocket wifi-nothing else didn’t do
    4. So I’ve give up that’s it..:)

    After thatday, I woke up 3:00 am in the morning and I used my WiFi and after Ive connected it I open speedtest and its surprises me that it came back( yeah I think so) it shows 15mbps and it’s stable so I was very happy of it but when 6:00 in the morning comes it falls again to 0.##mbps so I realized that if becomes fast on 3:00-5:00am of the morning. Hope it works.:)

  127. OutSmarted Avatar


  128. PissedOff Avatar

    Some one please burn at the stake the stockholders/execs of PLDT/Smart/MVP!
    Since in Binan, Laguna, the only option is the TELCO owned by the mayor, now congresswoman, yes you know who you are, PLDT is really shitty.

    I wonder how these people sleep at night! ahh, they pray to lessen their guilt, maybe? GRRRRR!!!

  129. Joe Webber Avatar
    Joe Webber

    in USA the provider AT&T got fined $100 Mio for exactly the same fraud and criminal behavior then Smart does here. In this banana republic companies can act obviously fraudulent without any repercussion.
    I hope that Rody Duterte will put a change to that as well.

  130. Dodge Dagondon Avatar

    The best way to have unlimited connection using LTE simcards, is to kill the owner of Smart. Bullshit Fuck you all Smart die now go to hell.

  131. Dodge Dagondon Avatar


  132. Grace Tabb Avatar
    Grace Tabb

    In our region, our internet service is better than only ONE country: The war and famine ravaged country of AFGHANISTAN. Think about that!!! MARAMING, MARAMING SALAMAT SA GALING MO, PANOT AQUINO!!!

  133. johncuajr Avatar

    Smart Unli Scam ! Smart Company May You Have More Birthdays To Come ! God Bless You’re Company ! We Wish You Good Health ! May You Rest In Peace ! I Thank You !

  134. ES Avatar

    It’s the year 2016 and I’m having the same problem. I just bought their LTE pocket wifi while it’s on promo (1999 something), and only the sim card packed with the pocket wifi is the only one that consistently connects on 4g-LTE. The other 2 LTE simcards I bought for backup always reverts to 3G after a few days. It’s frustrating! How many more sim cards will I have to buy?

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Switch to postpaid. Don’t buy prepaid na.

  135. The Deaf Mute Avatar

    Before I went abroad, my definition of LTE was that of our internet here – but when I was in Europe – especially Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands, I was shocked. Eventhough there are 20 of us connected into one router with three Wifi Extenders onboard our vessel but still, we can still hit the 1 mbps download without slowing down the other users.

    Philippine version of LTE is lie 3G on other countries.

  136. ckhris Avatar

    2-3 mths smart bro heavy user, then olaaah sim is not working.

  137. The Genius Avatar
    The Genius

    Hi. I also experienced it, I loaded my evoluzn smartbro lte unlisurf 995 for a month and then my internet speed up until 52 mbps after a week i noticed that the reduced my internet speed and blocked my number for 2 weeks. I changed my sim card many times. and the other sim works and my loaded sim card is not. so I go to a mall where there is a smart store and a customer service. they say they will fixed the problem right away but they didnt. so i come again and make a scene but not that so scandalous only the cutomer service and some employee hear it.
    they ask for my personal number and my new smartbro number and after that I got a Unlisurf 995 again. this is the last one that I used smart lte and after a month I jumped to Globe.

  138. Lorence Alcaraz Avatar

    im in a moment right with smartbro LTE.. it suddenly stop accessing into other sites.. i only access facebook with my smartbro pocket wifi.. i called the customer service a while ago and they said that they make a report regarding with my problem.. many smart call center agents i called they passes my complaint to any agents until this agent said that he will make a report about my problem..until now i can’t access any sites and i can’t play my games in my cellphone.. plss help..

  139. Ren Avatar

    Ilang taon n kmi may prob s smart. Mpa internet mn o prepaid sim. Mtgl ng issue. “Nangangain ng load”. Pgdting s bhay ung internet nmn. Ipptnggl n sna nmin pplit ng globe. Kaso wla dw linya dto smin. Renew kmi s smrt bago dw smart bro ultera sobrng bilis dw. Pero inamin ng smart agent n ngkabit. For ilang days lng dw mabilis un at ksing bagal n dw ng pagong after. Wla nmn kmi mgwa. So contrct nnmn un ng ilang taon. Tengene! Ngayon isang device n nga lng nkaconnect s internet ni hndi mn lng ako mkaopen ng games. Ginamit ko lte sim. Nagreg ako giga surf. 4g ang signal!!! Nsa 700mb p net ko. Hndi mkbukas ng games. Tengene! Smart kayo na pinakamaduga sa lahat. Sna sinusunognog n mga kaluluwa nyo s impyerno! Mga hayop kau!

  140. bangtanlover Avatar

    Ung LTE sim ko hindi po maka-connect sa internet. Kahit nakopen na yung data walang lumalabas na internet signal.

  141. Teyseer2098th Avatar


  142. Lyn Avatar

    Ive been searching a thread like this since january… i thought ako lang nakaka experience nito… I feel you everyone… this is so annoying… tumataas bp ko dahil sa Lecheng smart na yan… cant even load a page with only texts on it… total waste of time and money…

  143. eye in the sky Avatar
    eye in the sky

    Kaya nga po ang tawag sa kanila ay SMART BRO KEN!

  144. Ram Avatar

    just experienced it today, kala ko nagloko lang yung signal, ayaw na mag LTE uli. this is kinda disappointing..
    well, what else can we expect..

  145. Joe Vend Avatar
    Joe Vend

    Just bought my SIM yesterday around 5pm… I used it around 6pm… then around 10pm it got stuck to 3G and I could not use it… all my load is gone… there is no justice…

  146. Liza Manalo Avatar
    Liza Manalo

    Globe LTE is much much faster and reliable than Smart LTE.Smart sucks!

  147. eyehateoligarch Avatar

    tae akala ko ako lang now i realized ganito pala tong mga oligag na telco galing ako ng globe bec of thr stupid problem na halos everytime magload ako ng 50 pag mag bal enquiry ako naging 45?! howww? d ko pa nagamit kahit txt my bawas agad? wtfffffffff kahit off ang celldata with gosurf alert on my bawas pa rin fuuuccckkk so I decided na lumipat ako sa smart dhil fed up na talaga ako sa globe maganda lang tong smart for the 1st 2 month until now naranasan ko na ang pagong na connection I think duterte is right na dapat papapasukin na ang ibang foreign investor telco para naman mag suffer tong incompetent 2 players na telco sa atin puro basuraaaa

  148. Dannyboy Avatar

    In my current location, Smart has never failed me speedwise and signalwise. Yun nga lang ang lakas sa consumable data. Pero pinagtatyagaan ko na because I can’t even get above 2Mbps with Globe and signals need a map and directions for it to find my pocket wifi.. Kaya for me Globe Sucks even more. But Smart Sucks as well. They ALL SUCK. Including SUN CELLULAR.

  149. Smart Gago Avatar
    Smart Gago

    Buwisit na smart ito Smart talaga sa pagdating sa pera. nagpaload ako ng Gigasuf99 with 1.5GB plus free 300 mb for youtube etc which is good for 7days. nakakaisang araw palang ako na gamit with 200MB or less consumed nawala na internet connection ko. di ko alam ano na nangyayari sa binayaran ko. pagnagpalit naman ako ng globe sim ok naman internet. pero kay smartnakaw wala na may signal lang pero walang internet connection.


  150. BUWISET SMART Avatar

    Walang kuwenta SMART LTE kakaininin lang LOAD mo sa internet ng d mo nagagamit, PUNYETANG COMPANY YAN DAPAT ISARADO NA,
    Kapal ng mukha magnakaw sa consumers

  151. J Avatar

    Where do we post complaints for Smart Giga Surf? This happened to me multiple times already where I loaded Giga50 and within a few minutes it is fully consumed already.

  152. BlueAngel Avatar

    Ung 250 load ba ng smart card pwede gamitin sa LTE sim card ng cellphone ?

  153. HERO Avatar

    I’m about to go crazy of trying to figure out why I couldn’t connect to 4G. I thought it was just a setting problem,then I thought some applications might blocking it. Then I tried to remove some that have connection with mobile network. But all didn’t work until I found out about this blog. The information are exactly what I’m looking for. It totally helps.So thank you guys for creating it.
    Now I know that smart locked up my 4G to 3G connection. Freaking retarded! I’m from Bicol by the way.

  154. Eve Avatar

    Hi I also experienced this everytime. when they finally “notice” that you are one of the customers who regularly reload big amounts, they will somehow try and mess up your signal until you can’t even use it anymore.

    I used to play LOL using the hotspot on my 4g phone, everything is fine until I loaded my simcard 1000 and register it to a 30 day promo (the one with 800mb bandwidth). Suddenly there was no coverage for 4g and 3g in my whole apartment!!! I got to use the promo for only a week and that’s it, what a waste of money.

    The only fix is to buy a new sim and hope that Smart don’t “notice” you.


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