30-50% off on Pili Ani Products via Shopee

Just sharing the love. ?

I just received my Pili Ani haul from Shopee. Saw that they’re on sale until the end of the month and so I took advantage of the 30-50% off.

I’ve been having intensely dry skin, perhaps due to being in an air-conditioned room for most of the time of the day–I’d say about 18-20 hrs? So my face has been eerily dry… and we all know dry skin is one of the causes of premature aging and those unsightly fine lines/wrinkles.

I’ve been eyeing Pili Ani’s Ageless Concentrate for so long and so when I saw that it was on sale at 30-off, my heart skipped a beat and I didn’t bat a single lash to cart it in. This is exactly what I need to help my extremely parched skin.

I knew my skin needed help since I’ve been experiencing extremely cracked lips. You know, like how Batman’s Joker would have the side of his lips slashed sideways? It’s similar to that in a much much smaller rate. The side of my lips would be cracked sideways, up to the point that eating my meals would be a painful thing.

So when I saw Pili Ani’s Lip Balm at 50-off, I got 2. Wouldn’t hurt to have a back up, you know? I placed one near my bed so I can apply some before sleeping, and the other one kept in my purse.

It’s such a bonus that this Pili Ani Lip Balm is actually VEGAN! I checked the ingredients list (something that’s been a habit), and realized that everything’s plant based. ?

Stay tuned for my detailed blog review about these two products as I can’t wait to use them both tonight.


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