Affordable alternative to Lucas Papaw Ointment

Lucas Papaw has been a cult favorite even here in the Philippines. I remember I started using Lucaw Papaw in 2017–way before people started spotting it in every Filipino celebrity’s handbag.

As someone who has a perennial problem on having chapped lips, I’m always on a hunt for the most effective –and most cost efficient!–way to manage my severely dry lips. This has been a priority since I was a teenager, especially now that it has gotten worse as I would sometimes suffer from severe lip cracking that would extend even on the sides of my lip (think of Heath Ledger as Joker on The Dark Knight ?).

However, Lucaw Papaw has started to become SO EXPENSIVE, especially in the last 2 years, when it started to become too mainstream. I’ve seen the regular 25g tube being sold for almost twice the price I was able to purchase it 5 years ago. Also, there have been concerns of having counterfeit Lucas Papaw Ointment prevailing in the market. So carting out the cheapest Lucas Papaw you see on online retail shops might not be a smart idea.

This made me start scouting for alternatives and, luckily, I recently found Vaseline’s Original Lip Therapy to be a good contender. I got this from Watson’s for a little over Php100 ($2).

What I like about the Vaseline Lip Therapy is that it has the same consistency as Lucas Papaw sans the ‘papaw’ part. But it’s not much of a loss since Lucas Papaw only has a teeny tiny 4% amount of papain in it.

The ingredients list of this Vaseline tube clearly says it’s plain 100% pure triple-purified petroleum jelly. Since Vaseline is a trusted brand, I’m pretty much at ease with this product being on my lips. I could’ve just picked any potted pure petroleum jelly, but with the pandemic, we all try to minimize the use our hands and fingers when outside so I really want something that comes in this lip tube form.

I find that the effects of this Vaseline tube on my lips is EXACTLY similar to Lucas Papaw Ointment. To note, it has a slightly better cosmetic scent than Lucas Papaw when you try to sniff it from the tube. Although the content itself is clearer than of Lucas Papaw, the consistency is exact same.

For the price, I think it’s a good alternative. It also comes in other variants. Plus, I see it becomes cheaper when you buy it from Shopee (less than Php100) but I do like the convenience of it being available in malls.

Have you ever tried this product? What are your favorite lip treatment?


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