Dear LBC…

Dear LBC,

Don’t get me wrong. I am not here to bash your company. I have been a customer since I started my online entrepreneurship last year. Even if your company charges higher than most of the local courier service companies I know, I’d prefer to use your service since I find your company reliable in terms of meeting deadlines and shipping expectations.

Not until last June 2015, in the name of providing better flexibility to my clients, I started using your LBC Remit Express service. I love the fact that you guys accept Palawan Padala as your partner remittance center as it reaches my clients who live in remote areas without proper banking facilities. To be honest, I was happy for the past 4 months. I have been encashing payments around LBC outlets in Metro Manila and one of the branches I frequent is LBC SM Megamall.

Last Oct 31, 2015, I went there and lined up to do my usual encashment process. I am about to encash a payment sent via Palawan Padala. Unfortunately, the lazy guy in Palawan encoded my name incorrectly and used my second name as my middle name–from Jirbie Leanne Go to Jirbie L. Go–hence your guy Mr. Kevin Pabalan flat out turned my request down.

So I tried to negotiate as this was a minute human error that would certainly be proven by my 2 government IDs, other photo IDs, and even all my credit cards that the remittance was undoubtedly for me. Further, I even calmly told Mr. Kevin that I can present a digital copy of the Palawan Express remittance slip sent to me by my client, just to prove that the remittance was intended for me. However, Mr. Kevin Pabalan flatly shut me off saying he will only base it on my ID.

Certainly this error is easily amendable, especially that your other LBC SM Megamall staff Reymart Canicula can vouch for me as he recognizes me by face. Plus, asking for my client to go back to the Palawan outlet and have this corrected and having myself come back to another LBC outlet trying to fall in line and encash would cause so much inconvenience for me, as your customer, and for my client as well.

Things got sour when your staff Kevin Pabalan showed no empathy as I try to make him understand my predicament. I was furious and frustrated knowing the fact that I was willing to show all my IDs, the Palawan slip, and that one of your other staff recognizes me as a frequent customer yet Mr. Kevin just won’t see the obvious.

So I told Mr. Kevin to help share this complaint to the management. If your company is getting a partner establishment that is not consistent with your company’s policies, I think there’s a gap that needs to be filled and this gap should not be at the expense–and inconvenience–of your customers. However, your staff, Mr. Kevin was being a total b*tch that day and just kept on repeating that he will only base it on my ID.

I felt so bad trying to explain that the error is not even my fault–as it was your partner Palawan’s lazy-ass fault. So why should I bear the inconvenience of coming back and falling in line all over again trying to encash a measly amount of Php1000 when it is obvious, through my various IDs and digital copy of the Palawan remittance slip, that the remittance was solely intended for me?

I understand that it would be a different scenario if the name on the Palawan form was a totally different name or alias. I wouldn’t even argue. But this was quite obvious. I just hoped your staff handled it differently. Or at least, his attitude towards the situation had more service into it.

So I told him I’d write a good letter about him and the incident before going to another LBC branch a couple of days after.

Guess what, I was able to encash the remittance without any issue. So where’s the consistency in your service, LBC? Or was Mr. Kevin just being a total jerk that day?

Oh, and did I mention the manager/supervisor in SM Megamall didn’t even have the balls to face me? I heard a lady’s voice calling out from behind the divider telling Mr. Kevin to call the guards. The nerve. You can even check your CCTV if I was causing a scene good enough to merit being ushered by guards because, clearly, I was not.

I am very disappointed with your SM Megamall branch. Your staff and supervisor in Mega lacks the proper training as front liners and service crews. I have been to LBC CTTM Plaza, LBC Amberland, LBC Robinson’s Ermita, LBC National Bookstore Complex and a whole lot other LBC branches to encash, and all your staff in these branches are far more pleasant than those in Megamall.

Please hire proper people and please get back to me on this.

Thank you.

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10 responses to “Dear LBC…”

  1. Medel Avatar

    Nice one Mam.
    This Kevin is a total jerk… and the manager, as stupid as stupid gets.
    I’d like to know how this story would end.
    Keep it up Ms Jirbie. 🙂

  2. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    Nakakagalit naman talaga yan. What’s worse is that even the managers tolerate it, they don’t do something. Hay, nakakahiya sila. If they keep doing that, they will have less customers, lalo na ngayon na marami nang shipping companies na mas affordable pa yet have good service. 🙂

  3. banananutella Avatar

    As front liners of the company, they should be equipped with the right knowledge and values in dealing with their customers. They are there to make the lives of their customers easier.I just hope the Human Resources of LBC will give the persons involved the appropriate sanction or reorient them again the policies, mission-vision and core values of the company.

  4. thedreamermom Avatar

    Totally not service-oriented. Nakaka high blood.

  5. Anna Mae Caloy Avatar

    Hi Ma’am Jirbie. We thank you for taking our call earlier. We regret any inconvenience and disappointment that you experienced. We strive to ensure all our customers are treated with utmost respect and given the highest level of customer service. We assure you that your complaint will give the opportunity to remedy any problem that may exist and help to improve our service further.

    Necessary actions are now being done and once the investigation is finished, disciplinary action will be applied to the erring associate, as needed.

    Should you require any further assistance, you are welcome to send us a message via our facebook account,

    Thank you.

    LBC Customer Care

  6. Bella Avatar

    Customers are always right. And yes, EVEN when they are wrong. Miss Jirbie is clearly being too much at this to even post this on social media. Mr. Kevin was just following the rules of LBC. The name was wrong and so it could not be processed. Simple as that but Miss Jirbie could not contain herself and post this act on social media? People should not just hear the other end of the story. This is totally not okay. This is humiliating to Mr Kevin who just followed the rules. Miss Jirbie must not always get away with this kind of transaction even if one of the customer associate knows her by face. Mr Kevin is also protecting Miss Jirbie in a way that her name should always be in proper spelling for this kind of transactions as this kind of system are secured for the safety of the customer’s money or anything else valuable to be transacted at this branch. I think Miss Jirbie should have just talked this out privately and not post pictures and humiliated people who just did what their job is supposed to be.

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Hi Bella, I acknowledge your sentiment as there will always be two sides in a story. And I would assume you were one of the LBC folks there in Megamall to side on Kevin. I hope you try to review your CCTV and remember what really happened. I reported your team to your company, just as what I told Kevin before stepping out of your outlet. There’s no point in talking with your team privately if you guys didn’t listen to me in the first place.

    2. vhortex Avatar

      What Miss Jirbie did was not overboard, LBC guys should call Palawan counter part or inquiry via online method using the control panel. They even have a system override by texting the transaction number. Miss Jirbie will only be wrong if she transact past 8 pm since strangely, Palawan system goes offline after that time.

      If both is not possible, you need the screen cap of the transaction receipt. Palawan guys / agents are damn lazy including their Tambunting partners. They will encoded your wallet number then sent you off, the receiving person then won’t be able to encash the money since the name as an incomplete wallet card number.

      What adds injury to the wound is that, Palawan just promises investigation and no action was taken, Their agents also claims that they send the transaction using Wallet account method but in reality they just send it what ever they want.

  7. Jose Francisco O. Sanchez Avatar

    I have two names too and my second name has been used improperly, to my disadvantage as well… even on my son’s birth certificate which cause me a lot of problems and over P6k in expenses. Moral of the story here is to control what you can, meaning the use of your second name, so you can be ready for what you cannot control, people like Mr. Kevin.

  8. Sola Avatar

    Mga ulol tlaga jan sa lbc megamall mga bastos mga empleyado nila.

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