Want to take blogging to the next level? Be a certified digital marketer!


Now that I’m an entrepreneur, I wanted to learn more about SEM, SEO and the business side of the digital world. So I enrolled myself in IIDM’s Certified Digital Marketing – Acceleration Program last Septermber, which is a 4-session fast-track course held in Asian Institute of Management.

I started blogging in 2008 when there were only a handful of beauty bloggers in the Philippines. I started it out as a hobby, just like most bloggers who started then. In 2012, blogging has become the ‘in’ thing as more and more people wanted to become bloggers. Maybe not for the right reasons *ehem*freebies*ehem* but I hope this post will inspire you guys to explore the business side of blogging.

The course has 4 physical classroom sessions and 2 webinar sessions that cover 10 topics in digital marketing including websites, SEO, SEM, digital marketing plan and strategies, paid online ads, email marketing, social media, mobile marketing, and etc.

So for 4 Saturdays, I was in AIM from 8am until 6pm. Since it was an acceleration program, most of the topics were covered quickly. But the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) are very approachable and if you have questions you can get in touch with them via social media or email even after the class.

There were about 60 people in our batch and we were divided in 8 groups. Each session had group activities that everyone is encouraged to participate. We also had home works and online exams every week–yes everything’s graded!

Snacks were provided as well. What I enjoyed more about the program is that I was able to meet new people, professionals and business owners alike. Here are my group mates in CDM-AP and we called ourselves Warrior 6.

Nothing beats healthy competition. We managed to bag the highest grade in one of the sessions so we had an award. It’s fun that our batch was competitive as most of the students were really participating and volunteering in the activities.

The program doesn’t come cheap but was it worth it? I’d definitely say yes! I paid about 30 grand and enjoyed every bit of the program. It made me appreciate more of what I’m doing as a blogger, an entrepreneur, and a digital marketer.

The Certified Digital Marketer – Acceleration Program (CDM-AP) is supposed to give you a topline coverage of digital marketing. You can continue the program by taking the different specialist courses offered by IIDM as well. I plan on taking the Social Media Specialist Track next year.

CDM-Acceleration Program batch 6 starts this Nov 14, 2015. Get to know more about the program here.

[Photo and video credits to IIDM’s official photographer]

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  1. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    30 grand? Wow. haha. that could be my 1 sem tuition in graduate studies. but for the love of learning, that surely is worth it. 🙂 I think you really enjoyed it. Oh, I love competitive groupmates. Haha

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