Foodie Review: Jack Frost Premium Basil Ice Cream

If it wasn’t enough to have a tub of icecream for my birthday (or any day for that matter), my mom sent me a tub of this gorgeous Jack Frost Basil Icecream to enjoy. Wait, what? A BASIL flavoured icecream? O.o

My mom knows how much I love her home-made pesto sauce, and because of my love for all things pesto, I guess that’s the reason she decided to send me this oh-so-yummy basil icecream.

Not complaining, though.

Jack Frost is the only brand of premium icecream that aims to serve us with their out-of-this-world flavour choices like Nuts & Roses, Orange & Rosemary, PBJ Icecream, and whatnot.

I was so excited to have a taste of this icecream. And true to expectation, it was delicious! It certainly is not your ordinary sweet flavoured icecream. This Jack Frost Basil Icecream is a delight in every spoon. It’s a refreshing sweet taste that you will enjoy.

Not to be biased with all things pesto, I had my friends taste Jask Frost and they were equally intrigued by the taste when I told them about “this basil-flavoured icecream.” This homemade artisan icecream quickly captured the hearts of my equally icecream loving friends.

If you are quite taken aback with a leaf flavoured icecream, let me set it straight. This icecream does not taste leafy nor herby. It’s sweet, like any other icecream, with a hint of basil. The faint taste of basil is what makes this icecream remarkable. The creaminess gives you that luxurious premium icecream taste.

You can check out Jack Frost’s list of flavours here. Each pint costs Php200.00-250.00, half gallon is Php700.00-800.00, and a full gallon is Php1,300.00-1,500.00.

You may call 09189354716 or email jackfrostpremium[at] for orders/enqquiries. Also, you may get in touch with Jack Frost through Facebook.

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  1. Aegeane Colmenar Brioso Avatar

    Oh my. How they do that? All the flavors looks weird but I wanted to try all of them! Mygaad! Its my first time to hear those kinds of flavors in an ice cream, I was wondering if they taste sweet too compared to others. 🙂 I would tell my mom this one! We are ice cream lovers! <3 Hihi.

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