Top 5 Thursdays: Hair Heroes

I prefer low maintenance hair routine. But when bad hair days are knocking at my door, I have these arsenal to combat any hair woes.

1) Cynos Moisture Plus Spray

On a relatively good hair day, I just use this very light leave in conditioner spray to protect my hair from the harmful damages of the sun and heat. Since my hair has always been straightened, and now subject to colour, I take this extra step in my daily haircare routine to ensure my mane is in tip-top shape.

2) Made by David Dry Shampoo

On my second-day hair–when it starts getting blah and limpy, I sprinkle a little dry shampoo to give it some boost. I love Made by David’s Dry Shampoo’s citrus-y scent. It’s very subtle and it sets in your scalp well. I also love that it doesn’t leave your hair with any of those icky white flakes.

3) SilverTree Body & THAIRapy Morocco Argan Oil by Cynos

We’ve all heard of Argan oil and its beauty benefits. After shower, I put on 2-3 pumps of this Argan oil hair serum from Cynos to nourish my hair. It effectively locks in moisture and protects the tips of my hair from split ends.

4) SilverTree Argan Oil THAIRapy Shine & Shield Spray by Cynos

On days when I’m expecting to be under the sun for a long period of time, I spray on some SilverTree Argan Oil THAIRapy Shine & Shield Spray from Cynos to protect my hair from UV rays. What great about this product is that it adds shine and glamor to my hair making it look uber healthy and salon-gorgeous.

5) Schwarzkopf Zero Frizz 100% Rescue Deep Conditioner

Every month, I pamper my hair with Schwarzkopf Zero Frizz 100% Rescue Deep Conditioner. Just leave it on for 30 minutes and rinse to keep your hair soft and manageable. For needy hair, you can do this routine every two weeks.

That’s about it. Share your favorite hair products in the comments.


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4 responses to “Top 5 Thursdays: Hair Heroes”

  1. Aegeane Colmenar Brioso Avatar

    Hi Ms. Jirbie! <3 May I ask if its okay to use shampoos everyday? My hair is long, but it was a bit dry maybe because I had it colored last week. I was thinking of buying Schwarzkopf Zero Frizz 100% Rescue Deep Conditioner, but I was afraid because it might wash off my color. 😀 That product looks very intense and amazing. Is it available at the supermarket? Wanted to try that and hope it will help my hair to come back as long and shiny 🙂 You could try the novu hair if you experinced hair loss, and the one from ricky reyes, the spray thingy to keep your hair shiny 🙂 Thanks for sharing! <3

  2. wendy rose santillan Avatar
    wendy rose santillan

    I prefer low maintenance hair routine too coz it’s just hair. Haha! I’d like to share my hair secret .hihi I’ve been using lucido-l hair serum for two months now. I love it! It makes my hair soft and manageable and even I’m out in the beach with sun and salt in the air, lucido-l still protects my hair from frizz, damage and sun. There. Ahaha i really want to try made by david products coz of their natural ingredients used. hope they have branch here in bacolod.

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Hello Wendy! Where do you buy Lucido-L?

  3. wendy rose santillan Avatar
    wendy rose santillan

    You can buy it in watsons or sm dept stores. 🙂

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