Happy Tummy at Ketchup Food Community Baguio

For this 5-day weekend, my friends had an impromptu out of town trip to Baguio. We left Manila around 7am and got there at around 2pm. It was traffic on the way up since I guess half of the people in Manila decided to go North for the weekend. Since our friend’s house in Baguio was situated near Wright Park, we decided to have our late lunch at the nearest foodstop, The Ketchup Food Community.

The Ketchup Community houses home grown food concept restaurants in Baguio, which included Happy Tummy. The Thai-Filipino restaurant was quite popular with the tourist so we decided to dine here. Most of their food ranges from Php100.00-Php150.00 per order–that’s good for 3-4 persons.

Tom Yum Soup – Php150.00
Garlic Squid – Php150.00
Large Thai Fried Rice – Php150.00

I loved Happy Tummy’s Tom Yum Soup the most since it was really tasty–with 2-3 large shrimps and coco-milk-creamy flavour–while the other dishes were so-so. Nevertheless, I think Happy Tummy is still worth a stop when you’re in Baguio. Just make sure to order their other best sellers like Pad Thai, Pandan Chicken, and Catfish with Green Mango Salad.

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2 responses to “Happy Tummy at Ketchup Food Community Baguio”

  1. justdoitmarian Avatar

    Wow! Enjoy! I think sulit kapag 5 days ang vacation plus a friend na may house from baguio 🙂 The last time we went to Baguio was way back summer year 2013, I know we also ate there at Happy Tummy pero wala kaming picture kasi tumapat na gutom na kami talaga at daming tao. Sarap dito! Seafood din inorder namin dyan kasi mahal na araw nung pumunta kami. 🙂

  2. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    Looks yummy. But have you tried Canto? Their bestseller is baby back ribs and it was superb. The serving is huge and the price is so cheap, ~P250. The side salad is so yummy as well with bits of peanut brittle in it. :)There were a lot of people din at that time

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