Baguio Strawberry Farm

The last time I ever visited Baguio’s strawberry farm was when I was 12. It was a long long time ago that I vaguely remember anything from it. Since my guy has never been to the Strawberry Farm, we made sure to include it in our itinerary for this weekend.

Thank God parking slots were available outside the strawberry farm. But you’d have to walk a little to get inside the farm picking itself. Outside there are a lot of souvenir shops for your pasalubong shopping and what greeted us right before we get inside the farm is an awesome strawberry icecream vendor.

You know that I’m such a sucker for icecream.

We just walked around the farm since strawberry picking was Php400.00/head and my friend, who is a native in Baguio, told us we can buy the strawberries from Baguio market for half the price. Plus, the strawberries weren’t that big when we got there.

These are lettuce

On the way out, we grabbed some more strawberry icecream from another vendor who knew his PR skills well.

So this is Baguio strawberry icecream in DQ pose.

I couldn’t pass the chance to try it myself. LoL.

Bye, strawberry fields forever!

I checked out the pasalubong vendors outside the farm for some knick knacks to give when I come back to Manila. The prices are cheap, same as Bagiuo market price.

To end this post, I found this very interesting pasalubong–Snake Wine.

And no, I didn’t buy it. But this is said to increase men’s sexual endurance. Better than Viagra. >,<

Anyway, enjoy the remaining days of your long weekend! xx

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4 responses to “Baguio Strawberry Farm”

  1. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    That snake wine is scary. :/ I’ve been to Baguio last year and I didn’t go to the Strawberry farm for the same reason, strawberries are not for picking yet. So I bought mine na lang near Mines View Park. And have you tried the strawberry taho? When I had it, I kept searching for it. Haha. I really really love strawberries. Another interesting place that we haven’t had the chance to go to is the cave (forgot the name). We’ll go to it next time

  2. justdoitmarian Avatar

    Cute ng shirt mo! I love mint color! I’ve never been to strawberry farm because of our short stay, we’re there for 3 days only! We bought strawberry nalang sa Good Shepherd. Sulit talaga ang 5 days. :)Haha scary inumin yang snake wine pero pang display pwede.

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Thank you! Haha i loved this sweater too. Bagay for the day.

  3. doseofrain Avatar

    i’ve been to baguio last 2006 pa ms jirbie.. and it was panagbenga that time (flower festival) im with my co-officemates (ate me-an and ate maylin) i won’t forget that (kasi yung expenses ko ang ginamit ko is yung TAX REFUND ko hehe)

    we really had great 2day and 3night stay (we stay in the STAFF HOUSE — company rent the house for their employees so we had the privilege to stay — and there you go we had free stay)

    we went to strawberry farm too.. to the burnham park and camp john hay!

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