Lunching at Lemongrass Asian Bistro Shangri-La Mall

I bet you’re tired of me talking about Japanese food and Japanese cuisine. After all, it’s my default choice of resto whenever I’m asked where I like dining into.

I recently went with my mom to Lemongrass in Shangri-La mall–it’s a nice Asian fusion stop fronting Mercury Drug. And though my beau and I have been meaning to try this place, we haven’t had time as we don’t frequent Shang.

For the love of Japanese food, I’d still have an order of their California Maki (Php275.00). The wasabi, I think, is adjusted to the Filipino palate as it lacks the ‘kick’ that I get in most Japanese version. By ‘kick’ I’d mean the sensation you get when the wasabi starts to fume up your nose releasing whatever goo you have in your sinuses–you get what I mean.

And yes, I love that feeling.

I also ordered their Pomelo Salad with Shrimps and Thai Chili Sauce (Php245.00), which is a common dish in most Thai menu. My mom and I both enjoyed this plate as we’re both into salads… and pomelo… and shrimp.

My mom was saying that the Lemongrass Ancient Chinese Sticky Misua (Php260.00) has been recommended by her friend so we decided to try that, too. Think of your traditional ahma misua, with a lot stickier noodle. It tasted like a home-cooked Chinese misua bowl. However, I refer my ahma‘s (paternal grandma’s) version. Haha!

As if things weren’t enough, we ordered Lemongrass Crunchy Cereal Prawns (Php395.00) and Crispy Fish Fillet with Tamarind and Sweet Chili Sauce (Php350.00). I liked the latter better as the Crunchy Cereal Prawns tasted like Lumpiang Shanghai that is only filled with prawns.

Don’t judge us. This is how my mother and I normally eat. And when I say we eat, we indulge. Haha! Good thing there’s Javita Green Tea to help her keep the weight out of sight!

Anyways, visit Lemongrass if you’re tired of your usual Japanese stop as you can get around Asia in one roof.

Lemongrass Asian Bistro
G/F Shangri-La Plaza Mall, fronting Mercury Drug
(02) 477-7264

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  1. doseofrain Avatar

    whenever i read you food post i really crave for japanese food ms jirbie! kahit ang natikman ko pa lamang na authentic is yung miso soup at ramen =)

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