New Favorite: BLX Strong Liner Slim Black

What is M. I. A. (Missing in action!)? Haha! Don’t worry I have a couple of blogs in store for you dolls this week so stay tuned.

To kick off this beautiful Saturday morning, I am sharing with you a new brand that I have discovered and currently loving–the Brow Lash Ex (or BLX) eyeliner pens.

I discovered this during last week’s Row101 Summer Pop Up Media Launch. And while I have been going out sans eyeliner lately (because the heat just melts my eyeliners away and I keep on looking like a Panda), this BLX Strong Liner Slim just brought be back to the dark side. lol.

BROWLASH EX Water Strong Liner concentrated black is a liquid eyeliner strong against sweat, water, and skin oil. Felt pen type to draw any line easily even for novice. An extreme black. Sharpens your eye impact.

BLX Strong Liner Slim Black boasts a 0.10mm tip, which gives you amazing precision in creating a winged look. Also, what I love about Bros Lash Ex is that when they say black, it’s really jet black. Some “black” eyeliner pens turn out grayish upon application, and it kind of frustrates me whenever that happens. :p

This brand has a felt tip, much like Browhaus‘ version versus K-Palette‘s fiber ones. And although I am biased in liking the fibered ones over felt, I can’t deny the precision and consistency that this eyeliner makes. See? You can create fine and bold strokes with just one pen! And both swatches turn out jet black (If you’re an eyeliner junkie, I’m sure you’d know that this is such A BIG DEAL)!

It promises 24h no smudge wear. But I did have some smudging after 4 hours of wearing it. So if you have extremely oily lids like me–plus, the humidity in this summer weather doesn’t really help me from not looking like a panda bear, I’d highly suggest to pack on some eye primer when using this. But comparing to other brands, I’d say this created the least mess. Oh, and did I mention it dries quickly, too?

BLX Strong Liner Slim Black retails for Php499.75 and is available at SM Beauty Section, Landmark, & Pure Beauty. BLX is locally distributed by Beauty Creative Lab Japanese. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more info.

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